Hiccup and zarina by alesakurachan-d7saqrg

Zarccup (also known as Hiccina or Zariccup) is the name of the pairing between Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III from How to Train Your Dragon (2010) and Zarina from The Pirate Fairy (2013). It may not be a widely popular pairing, but it still has it's followers.

Relationship OverviewEdit

Both Hiccup and Zarina are the "odd" ones in their groups: Hiccup's father wanted him to be a dragon killer and Fairy Gary didn't want Zarina to "play" the pixie dust that they look after and gather for other fairies.

It is possible that the two meet when Hiccup ran away with Toothless and when Zarina left Pixie Hollow and a friendship formed between them. As they look out for each other, tell their stories and reasons for leaving home and the discoveries that they wanted to made.

Popular AUsEdit

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