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X-Villains (also known as EX-Villains or Despicable Wreck-It Megamind Lorax) is a crossover between Megamind, Despicable Me, The Lorax and Wreck-It Ralph. Though it is a fairly new crossover, it is gaining growing attention in the RotBTD fandom. In this crossover, the main characters are Megamind, Gru, the Once-ler and Wreck-It Ralph.

About the FandomEdit

The exact origins of this EU are unknown, but all of the characters used in the crossover are Former Antagonists (or Protagonists that held the title of "Bad Guy") in the RotBTD fandom. Since all the characters did "bad" things and had changed their ways after they each met people that helped them understand that they're not really bad, fans decided to put them together in a crossover. Since it is not canon, ideas for this crossover are shown through fanart, videos, and fanfiction.

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Popular ShipsEdit

Megamind Felonius Gru The Once-ler Wreck-It Ralph
Megamind Megacest Grumind/ MegaGru Oncemind Megalph
Felonius Gru Grumind/ MegaGru Grucest Gruler Felph/ Gralph
The Once-ler Oncemind Gruler Oncest Raler
Wreck-It Ralph Megalph Felph/ Gralph Raler Ralphcest

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