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Wonderland AU (also known as Alice in Wonderland AU) is an alternate universe usually within the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons universe, but it is also with Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons universe. In the AU, Rapunzel, Merida, Hiccup, and Jack are most of the main characters within Alice in Wonderland story. This AU is also an offshoot of Fairy Tale AU.

About The AU Edit

Spawned from Fan Art and YouTube videos, this is based on the story or movie called Alice in Wonderland, which was also a popular story for centuries. Due to this story, people tend to connect the Disney/DreamWorks characters to the main characters. Some people tend to do it based on their personality or how they look.

Because of the Alice in Wonderland film that Tim Burton directed, fans like to consider this AU an alternative to Tim Burton AU; while the American McGee's Alice and its sequel the Madness Returns video games places it in Dark AU and Horror AU, as well as Arcade AU.

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The Big Four Edit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III Edit

He is most often portrayed as the Cheshire Cat, based off of his connection for Toothless. This makes him have a good connection with animals in general, so people tend to think he should be an animal. He is also the White Rabbit, because of the pairing Hiccstrid, since some people like to ship the White Rabbit with Alice. Sometimes he is portrayed as Alice based on his curiosity, much like Alice herself.

Jack Frost Edit

He is most often portrayed as the Mad Hatter through fan art, but sometimes he is also the White Rabbit, or the Cheshire Cat. This is based off his fun personality, like the Mad Hatter, but when it comes to the other characters it is usually because of his cuteness that many girls see in him. He is also sometimes Alice because of the relationship that people make him have with Pitch Black.

Merida DunBroch Edit

She is most often portrayed as Alice, but based on the fan art she is also the Red Queen, also known as the Queen of Hearts. People say that her adventure in the movie Brave is similar to Alice adventure in Wonderland, but other's say that because of her hair she fits being the Red Queen more rather than Alice.

Rapunzel Corona Edit

She is also often portrayed as Alice, because of her hair color, since Alice is blonde. Her adventure that she has with Flynn is kind of like her adventure in Wonderland. She's trying to find out why she's there, just like Alice. Fans have also cast her as the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit.

Extra Characters Edit

Queen Elsa of Arendelle Edit

She is most often portrayed as the White Queen, because of her ice powers and her sandy blonde hair and cares about protecting everyone from her powers, much like the White Queen who likes to protect people from the Red Queen. Fans have also portrayed her as Alice, for her blue dress.

Princess Anna of Arendelle Edit

She is most often portrayed as Alice, because how similar she is to her supposed cousin Rapunzel.

Astrid Hofferson Edit

She is most often portrayed as Alice, because of her hair.

Kristoff Bjorgman Edit

He is most often portrayed as Mad Hatter, because of his relationship with Anna in Kristanna/Annoff and for those who ship Alice with the Mad Hatter too.

Megamind Edit

He is usually the Caterpillar, because of how blue his skin is.

Mother Gothel Edit

She is most often portrayed as the Red Queen, because how evil she is from the movie Tangled when she kidnaps Rapunzel because of her hair, as well as wearing a red dress.

Nicholas St. North Edit

He is most often portrayed as the Red Queen, or the Red King, because of his red suit he wears as Santa Claus.

Olaf Edit

He is most often portrayed as the Cheshire Cat because of how funny and cute he is around people, especially Sven.

Once-ler Edit

He is most often portrayed as the Mad Hatter, because of his pimp suit, that tons of fangirls adore him over, and because of the pairings Rapunzler and Oncida. Depending on who is Alice.

Pitch Black Edit

He is most often portrayed as the Mad Hatter, because of the pairing BlackIce and, because of this, people make Jack Frost Alice.

Sanderson Mansnoozie Edit

He is usually the Cheshire Cat, due to his height and egnigmatic nature.

Toothiana Edit

She is most often portrayed as the White Queen, because how nice she is to the ones she love and to those she wants to protect. Fans have also cast her as Alice.

Mary Katherine Edit

Following a small animal into the woods, being shrunk and finding herself a world unlike hers, casts her as Alice.

E. Aster Bunnymund Edit

Bunny is most often portrayed as the White Rabbit, for being rabbit himself.

King Candy Edit

Being shown to be a bit mad at times, when he explains that "fungeon" means fun dungeon, he is seen as the Mad Hatter; as the Hatter is sometimes presented as a antagonist. King Candy can also be portrayed as the Red Queen, or the Red King, for being a king himself and for when he tried to kill Vanellope.

Coraline Jones Edit

Coraline can be portrayed as Alice. As she had went through a small door to get to the Other World, followed a small animal that led her there, took on its ruthless leader and is close with a talking cat, which can be cast as the Cheshire Cat. Since her stroy is a fantasy horror and the Other World turning from a dream world into a nightmare, she'll most likely be presented as the Alice from American McGee's psychological horror video game or Tim Burton's film version of the fairy tale, along with any other dark version of it.

Sophie Bennett Edit

Due to her blond hair and from the way she had stumbled into Bunnymund's warren, who is commonly seen as the White Rabbit, portrays Sophie - or an older version of her - as Alice.

Vanellope von Schweetz Edit

Vanellope's glitching ability, that allows her to jump from one place to another, has fans portraying her as the Cheshire Cat.

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