WildQueens is the pairing between Toothiana and Mother Nature from Toothiana, Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies. Although not being a very popular pairing in the fandom, some fans still ship it. That's also a pairing where popularity is increasing into the RotG fandom.

Relationship Overview Edit

Toothiana and Mother nature apparently met once in the books. Like Nightlight, Toothiana can sense Mother Nature's presence who is watching them, and Toothiana doesn't know if she is evil or not.

Toothiana and Mother Nature have similarities: they loved their parents very much. Their parents also had been killed by an enemy (Toothiana's parents died killed by the Monkey King, Mother Nature's mother had been killed by trying to escape from Dream Pirates). They are also two queens (Toothiana the Fairy Queen, Mother Nature is also the Queen Nature). Because of their years of loneliness, they grew up bitter and stoic to unhappy events in the books, even though they have a kind side they can show up sometimes.         

Their relationship may be a friendship or a romantic relationship.

Popular AUsEdit

Known ExamplesEdit


Note: only post examples from within the RotBTD fandom.

Mockup ArtEdit


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