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 is the name of the pairing between Jack Frost and Nicholas St. North from Rise of the Guardians. Much like BlackChristmas, WhiteChristmas is not a popular ship in the Big Four fandom, but there are still many who support the relationship.

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Jack and North are seen as having a father and son like bond, as fans have Jack see North as a father-like figure that he could look up to; just as fans have the winter spirit see Toothiana as a mother-like figure. There is also a resemblance between them with their white hair, brown eyebrows and blue eyes, along with both of them having a connection to snow and working in the time of winter.

North helped Jack to discover is own center by showing the winter spirit a Russian Nesting Doll, where each doll stood for a part of the Spirit of Winder; and letting Jack keep the last that stands for his center until he could find his own. When Jack finally discovered what it is - fun - North gave him a small, blue nesting doll of Jack, so he could always remember what he center is and it makes him a Guardian.

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