Wedding Rings (Tangled)
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Vital Information
Title Wedding Rings, 'the' rings
Film Tangled Forever After (2010)
Status Available
Current Location Corona
Current Owners Rapunzel Fitzherbert (once married), Eugene Fitzherbert
Previous Owners Maximus, Pascal

The Wedding Rings are Rapunzel (as she becomes Mrs. Fitzherbert) and Eugene Fitzherberts' for the short film Tangled Forever After.


Two gold rings Eugene's has Corona's sun crest(s) around it, while Rapunzel's has small (and smaller) white diamonds; that shine like the tear shape diamonds on her crown.


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Finally Got Them

The rings of the future King and Queen went on a bit of a adventure (with Maximus and Pascal chasing after them) around the kingdom before being placed around the newly married couples' fingers.

They were said to be Queen Arianna's grandmother's (true or just in Pascal and Maximus' disaster vision is "still" unknown) before passing them down to her daughter and son-in-law.

Role in the CrossoverEdit