Vital statistics
Title Varian
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Family Quirin (father)
Friends Rapunzel Corona, Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Rider, Cassandra, Pascal, Owl
"Magic?! I do not work with magic! I mean, technically it's not magic, it's alchemy. But yeah, don't sweat it."
—Varian explaining his disbelieve in magic to Rapunzel and Cassandra

Varian is a young alchemist who appears in the Tangled TV series. He is helping Rapunzel and Cassandra uncover the mystery of the return of Rapunzel's hair and the sharp, black, stone spikes that are coming out of the ground; that are having a reaction to Rapunzel's hair.

Appearance Edit

He is a slender young man with fair skin, black hair with gray and brown highlights, freckles, two front buck teeth, and gray-blue eyes. He wears a gray shirt with a green patch sewn on to it, brown pants, dark brown apron, black gloves, dark brown shoes, and brown and gold goggles.

When Rapunzel and Cassandra first met him, he was wearing a black and gray coat and a gray bauta, which makes his eyes appear to be glowing a yellow-green color and makes his voice sound intimidating.

Personality Edit

Varian is an intelligent scientist, inventor, and alchemist. He does not believe in magic and tends to solve problems through scientific means. However, his experiments were confused as magic, which makes others believe that he is some kind of wizard. He has good intentions and wanted to make his father proud of him for his creations. He has heard about the princess' hair along with his father and the villagers and also shows respect to the royal family, as he bows to Rapunzel and calls her princess until he was told to just call her Rapunzel. Despite his intellect, he is pretty much naive and sometimes overlooks his plans and inventions. While he has a gift of inventing and alchemy, his creations usually backfire and causes more mayhem than good.

Besides inventing and alchemy, he enjoys reading about the adventures of Flynnigan Rider. He became his biggest fan for his bravery and combat skills. But the excitement of his hero have him confuse Eugene Fitzherbert as Flynn Rider when Eugene used the name in his life of crime. He quickly trusts Eugene with his secret hot water machines and tries to assure him that its under control when Eugene expresses his concerns about how unstable the machines really are. When the machines start to cause mayhem, he did try to turn them down but nearly got hurt in the process. After his home and village fell to the ground and the machines got destroyed, he shows regret for his actions and for letting his father down.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Varian possesses no special or magical abilities, making him a normal, everyday human teenage boy.

He dose however possesses knowledge of alchemy and the skills to build and make his creations and ideas to life, like machines, gadgets and chemical mixtures. Even when his inventions don't always work and sometimes leave to nearly killing people, he still tries to overcome and fix his mistakes and to become the alchemist that he can be.

Role in the Crossover Edit

Relationships Edit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III Edit

Hiccup would be fascinated with Varian's alchemy and the gadgets he's makes, as well as understand the pressure of living up to his father and making him proved.

Jack Frost Edit

Merida DunBroch Edit

Rapunzel Corona Edit

Rapunzel turned to Varian in hope that his alchemy would help her and her friends to uncover and understand the return of her long, golden hair a bit better. When more of the spike-like rock came out of the ground and her hair started to glow near them, she asked Varian to not only help them in their studies of the rock and the connection that they have with her hair, but to also keep it a secret; as her father didn't want her to talk about it with anyone else. Varian promised that he would help them and to keep their work a secret.

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