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Vaniro (also called Hirellope or Hinellope) is the name of the pairing between Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 and Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-it Ralph. This ship has developed a wide fanbase of loyal shippers.

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Although this relationship hasn't exploded in popularity as others have, people have already speculated about this possibility shortly before Big Hero 6 was released in theaters. Initially people liked to think of Hiro and Vanellope's relationship as siblings or friends until fans brought out the idea of them being a couple, considering their dynamic together and Vanellope being the closest possible option of a proper lover for Hiro with their age gap (Hiro being fourteen and Vanellope being nine according to the director and voice cast of Wreck-it Ralph; and twelve according to executive producer John Lasseter). With these and a lot more facts to consider, fans have thought of endless possibilities for this relationship.

Fans have imagined one dynamic between the two as the sort best friends or bickering siblings would have. With both of their snarky personalities and snappy comebacks when interacting with the other characters of their movies, together, they would bicker, tease, and argue with each other like long-time friends. Another fact that binds them together are their similar appearances and that both of them have Japanese-inspired designs and wear hoodies. In fact, their hoodie-wearing appearances have had fans link them with Jack Frost and other hoodie-wearing characters to form a fan-made group consisting of all other animated characters who wear hoodies. Another similarity in their characters are their tendencies to go against authority. With Hiro being a bot-fighter who does the sport illegally and Vanellope who also enters races against the authorities of her world, both of them would make good partners in crime. It is also noted that both their past times are pay-to-play. Both of them have also been picked on and saved by the characters in their world (Hiro about to get beat up by Yama's thugs and being saved by Tadashi and Vanellope being bullied by the other Sugar Rush racers only to be saved by Ralph). Both of them also have older brother figures of whom they look up to. With all these similarities, they would compliment each other.

However, both of them also have enough differences to balance each other out. With Hiro's intelligent, science-oriented mind, he would influence Vanellope to become more serious and tone down her loud, impulsive personality as Vanellope's optimism would turn Hiro to a healthier, happier lifestyle and turn down his negativity to something more loose.

There are several directions this pairing can go for AU's. Fans can age up or age down the characters according to their wishes or conjure stories of their meetings in different worlds as they like. Fans can portray Vanellope as a human character (often in a more adult form as with Hiro) so they can interact in the modern world of San Fransokyo. Others can make Hiro a playable game character in Litwak's Arcade. Even more so, fans would find a way for Hiro to cross over into the game world or for Vanellope to cross over into reality. One possibility includes Hiro being invited by a game technician and becoming a programmer for Sugar Rush and reviewing Vanellope's abilities and behavior for upgrades as the people behind the game know of his abilities as a prodigy.

There are plenty more quirks their relationship can provide. Both would make excellent gaming buddies or would meet-up online on an RPG game. With her kart, Vanellope would be able to bail Hiro out of his tight bot-fighting situations. Both of them can meet as inmates in the San Fransokyo jail for their respective crimes (Hiro for bot-fighting, Vanellope for hijacking a race). Hiro, with his intellect and skills as a robotics prodigy would be able to fix Vanellope's go-kart or perhaps even build her a new one. He may also even offer Vanellope a job and place to stay at the Lucky Cat Café given Vanellope's initial state and that her home was a dump. Ralph's older brother instincts would kick in and thus he would be super protective of Vanellope around Hiro -- making Ralph and Hiro's dynamic similar to that of Grug and Guy from The Croods.

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