Tuffanna  is the name of the romantic pairing of Tuffnut Thorston from How to Train Your Dragon and Princess Anna from Frozen. While not a widely popular, it still has several loyal followers.

Relationship OverviewEdit

This pairing is fairly new to the fandom is sometimes used as a side ship to, most of the time, Hiccanna or, other times, Hiccstrid. Anna's cute and funny, Tuffnut, being the perfect example of the Viking adolescent, even I tried to flirt with her. However, after a while begins to feed Anna real and sincere feelings. Anna like how Tuffnut exposes himself as an idiot or just fooling around, saying that it is very fun.

Most fanfictions take place in an AU where Anna never met Kristoff or in a universe where both those relationships were disturbed somehow.

Popular AUsEdit

Known ExamplesEdit


Mockup ArtEdit



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