Truffula Trees
Truffula Trees
Vital Information
Title Truffula Trees
Film The Lorax (2012)
Status Available
Current Location Truffula Forest
Current Owners N/A
Previous Owners The Lorax, The Once-ler
The Truffula Trees are pieces of nature and a very important part of The Lorax.


Trffula Fruit

Truffula Fruit

Truffula Trees are a tall species of trees. They are known to be slender and very tall - being at least three-times the Once-ler's height - with ash-grey bark. They possess no leaves (with the exception of sapling, which quickly shed their leaves in their early life-span) or branches, with a large tuft of a cotton-like fiber at the very top in a swirling-motion. This fiber comes in an assortment of colors, most commonly in red, pink, orange and yellow.  They also grow pink, plum-like-fruit, that hangs on a fin root-like-branch and sticks out of the colorful fibers. They are known as Truffula Fruit.

Their seeds are shown to be small with dark brown and caramel swirls on it, bearing a mild resemblance to a snail-shell.


Truffula Seed

Truffula Seed and Sapling

It is shown that in Thneedville there are no trees, and since Audrey was longing to see a truffula tree, Ted went out to find the Once-ler so he could find out what happened to them.

It turns out that when the Once-ler was young, he and his donkey found what he called paradise, or it's proper name, The Truffula Forest.

When the Once-ler cut down one of the trees, the Lorax appeared and tried to stop him from cutting down any more, but the Once-ler eventually lost it and became filled with greed, cutting down the whole forest to make his thneed, until the final truffula tree was cut down, ending the business, and causing the animals to leave.

At the end of the story, the Once-ler gave Ted the last seed for him to plant in town, in which he succeeded.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

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