Tomb Raider (Elsanna Crossover) By pHuezo
Treasure Hunters AU is an AU in the fandom where the Big Four are treasure hunters, tomb raiders, paleontologists and archaeologists.

About the AUEdit

Spawning from fanart, this AU places the Big Four, and other such characters as archaeologists that search for forgotten kingdoms, cities, tombs and legendary places, treasures (like the Moonstone, the Mirror of Incanta and the Dragon Eye) and undercover myths, legends and how they were made. Even when the magic/witchcraft, monsters, places and gods from those stories are true and uncovering them changes their lives.

Popular Spinoff AUsEdit

Popular History AUsEdit

Featured CharactersEdit

The Big FourEdit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Hiccup is portrayed as a archaeologist that studies Viking lore, history, artifacts and legends. He can also be a paleontologist that has his life turn upside down when he uncovered a fossilized dragon (and Viking next to it). Some of the treasures he finds can be Hamish I's long, lost treasure and the Dragon Eye.

Jack FrostEdit

Jack is portrayed as Nicholas St. North's apprentice as they seek the ruins of Punjam Hy Loo and the Green Labyrinth, the Globe of Light, a legendary, large, gem stone and the lost Golden Ship of Sir Mansnoozie. The two even stumble across an ancient future like air ship.

Merida DunBrochEdit

Merida is a archaeologist that seeks the ruins and treasures of the White King. She wears one of her discoveries around her neck. She'll uses her archery skills to trigger and locate traps so she won't walk into them and fend off wild animals and those who wish to harm her. Like unfriendly locals that what to prevent her taking their ancestors' treasures from their land, thieves that try to take her "prize" and "findings" for money and some of the beasts that guard ruins and are said to exist in legend(s).

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

Rapunzel studies and searches for fossilize and surviving ancient plants. She can also be a archaeologist that is searching for the lost crown of sun goddess, that is said to be hidden within a hiding tower.

Extra CharactersEdit

Tinker BellEdit

Tink's journey in the Lost Treasure can easily make her treasure hunter or archaeologist that searches for the Moonstone and the Fall Scepter, so she can find the location of pirate treasure that lies in a ship that sunk, but never sank and a mirror that can lead her to other lost and legendary treasure and the place it originally came from.

Professor BombaEdit

Professor Radcliffe Bomba believes in the legends of the ancient, lost city/kingdom of Moonhaven and it's Green Knights and he hopes that he may someday find, explore and see it with his own eyes. His daughter promised to go with him when he believes that he has finally finds the location, so he'll have someone to cheer him when he realizes that it's just a "legend".

Dragon HuntersEdit

Instead of dragons Viggo Grimborn and his Dragon Hunters would be Treasure Hunters and Grave Robbers, that rob tombs, temples and even sunken ships of their treasures and sells them on the black market. The Dragon Eye would be the prize of Viggo's privet collection, as it belonged to his ancestors and is a map to other treasures that he could sell.

Known ExamplesEdit


Mockup ArtEdit


  • Night Fury Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Corona Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Corona Huntik TitanGo to
  • Brave (Merida) Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Brave (Merida) Huntik TitamGo to
  • Jack Frost Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Jack Frost Huntik TitanGo to
  • Heather as Zhalia Moon (Huntik)Go to
  • Deadly Nadder Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Gronckle Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Hideous Zippleback Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Monstrous Nightmare Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Pascal Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Pascal Huntik TitanGo to
  • Maximus Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Maximus Huntik TitanGo to
  • Wisp Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Brave Earth Stag Huntik RingGo to
  • Brave Earth Stag Huntik TitanGo to
  • Brave Fire Huntik RingGo to
  • Brave Fire Huntik TitanGo to
  • Brave Wind Eagle Huntik RingGo to
  • Brave Wind Eagle Huntik TitanGo to
  • Brave Ice Salmon Huntik RingGo to
  • Brave Ice Salmon Huntik TitanGo to
  • Mor'du Huntik RingGo to
  • RotG Yeti Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Bunnymund Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Toothiana Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Sanderson Mansnoozie Huntik AmuletGo to
  • RotG Moon Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Ombric Shalazar Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Nightlight Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Katherine/Kailash Huntik AmuletGo to
  • RotG Mother Nature Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Pitch Black/Nightmare Huntik AmuletGo to
  • DunBroch Huntik AmuletGo to
  • DunBroch Huntik TitanGo to
  • MacGuffin Huntik AmuletGo to
  • MacGuffin Huntik TitanGo to
  • Macintosh Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Macintosh Huntik TitanGo to
  • Dingwall Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Dingwall Huntik TitanGo to
  • Baymax Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Hiro Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Hiro Huntik TitanGo to
  • GoGo Huntik AmuletGo to
  • GoGo Huntik TitanGo to
  • Wasabi Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Wasabi Huntik TitanGo to
  • Honey Lemon Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Honey Lemon Huntik TitanGo to
  • Fred Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Fred Huntik TitanGo to
  • Fujita Huntik AmuletGo to
  • Fujita Huntik TitanGo to
  • Go to
  • Go to


  • Merida as Lara Croft


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