• I know not many had thought of this before, combing the Total Drama gang and The Big Four together, but I certainly think it could be made a reality. I could see Merida as Izzy because of their curly red hair, Rapunzel as Sierra given that they both start out with long hair and eventually their hair length changes from long to short, Hiccup as Cody (because why not?), Mavis as Gwen, Jack as Trent, Heather as Heather (bet you didn't see that one coming), Astrid as Jo (Astrid's personality fits Jo to a tee and while it isn't because Astrid isn't mean like Jo can sometimes tend to be, they do act strict when they need to be in order to get people to listen to them), Hans as Alejandro (both antagonists who hide their true colors underneath their nice guy exterior), Pitch Black as Chris (what can I say? I think Pitch would be a good fit as Chris), and Drago Bludvist as Chef

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      Here are two known images i found that would fit in well with my AU idea. 
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    • If you have three or more sources of pictures, fanart or other stuff specifically about this AU, then go for it. At the moment though, it looks like you've only got Tangled crossed with Total Drama. Make sure your sources include the all of the big four :)

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    • 25 days of total drama halloween day 21 by quickdrawdynophooey-d84bywu
      Snow sisters by ellissummer-d72af4u
      Tangled movie poster colored by ronrebel-d3g4wpy
      I do have more images i found. But for now, these are a few out of many that i found. I'll post the other images right away. 
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      Total drama disney big hero 6 by quickdrawdynophooey-d86xspn
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    • I'd love to see a TDI au with a full CGI cast. I've been desperately wishing for years that I had time to write this au.

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    • Even though there's already a DC AU, I had an idea for a Batman: The Brave and The Bold AU and my casting choices: Merida as a genderbent Guy Gardner Kristoff as Booster Gold Hiccup as Elongated Man Flynn/Eugene as Plastic Man (He would work VERY well in this role because Plastic Man just like Eugene once turned to a life of crime before deciding to clean up his act) Elsa as Stargirl And that's about it for now. If i can think of any more, I'll let you know.

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