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ThinIce, (also called Elsa-ler, Frozen FedoraIce Thneed, or Oncelsa) is the name of the romantic pairing between Elsa from Frozen and Once-ler from the Lorax. While it is a relatively rare ship, is still has several loyal fans.

Relationship OverviewEdit

Elsa and Once-ler are both clearly misunderstood and misguided characters, and both of them were often rejected by the people around them. Deep down they are both well-intentioned, but pressures from their families and societies cause them to hurt those they care about and end up going into hiding. In the end, both characters learn from their mistakes and slowly learned to forgive themselves through the help of a friend or sibling—for Elsa it is Anna, and for the Once-ler it is Ted.

As a couple, their relationship would probably get off to a rocky start. But as they grow to know each other more, and realize that both of them are dealing with outside pressures because of who they are, then the two would eventually grow closer. Fans of the couple believe that the two characters would help each other grow in some way. From Once-ler, Elsa would learn confidence, and from Elsa, Once-ler would learn selflessness.

Since their two stories take place in different time periods, fans often have to write around some of the canons or make Arendelle slightly more modernized. However, since Once-ler and Elsa both hold high positions in society (Elsa as a queen and Once-ler as a rich businessman), it is likely that the two would meet and bond at a high class gathering, most often depicted as a party or a royal visit.

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