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The Snuggly Duckling

The Snuggly Duckling is a pub from Disney's Tangled. It is located in the forest in Corona and is a popular gathering place for the Pub Thugs.


The pub is located somewhere in the woods within Corona territory, not too far from Rapunzel's Tower.


Despite the cutsey name, the restaurant hosts many of Corona's ruffians and thieves who use the location as a hangout.


Featuring a sign down the road with the establishment's name, the Snuggly Duckling has a somewhat beat up appearance from the outside. Its sides are moss colored and its violet roof is stained with moss and leaves from the tree the massive tree it sits next too. The building itself has an oddly angular appearance, as it curves and seems to lean forward on its frame, possibly as a result of the massive plant shifting the land.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

The Snuggly Duckling is rarely associated with the Big Four, though may be briefly mentioned or visited in some fanfics.

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