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The Modern Four (also called The Futuristic Four) is a crossover between Meet the Robinsons, The Incredibles, Bolt, and Big Hero 6. Though it is a fairly new crossover, it is gaining growing attention in the RotBTD fandom. In this crossover, the main characters are Wilbur Robinson, Violet Parr, Penny Forrester and Hiro Hamada (in some cases, Riley from Inside Out, Tip from Home, Vanellope from Wreck-it Ralph, and several other younger characters are added in as well).

About the FandomEdit

The exact origins of this EU are unknown, but all of the characters used in the crossover have been side characters in the RotBTD fandom for a long time (especially Wilbur and Violet). Since all the characters from modern times, and with the popularity of pairings such as Willet and Hirenny, many fans decided to put them together in a crossover. Since it is not canon, ideas for this crossover are shown through fanart, videos, and fanfiction.

Since the possibility of time travel in this universe is canon through Wilbur's time machine, it is possible that he could bring many of the crossover characters in the RotBTD universe from different time periods together. 

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Hiro Hamada Violet Parr Wilbur Robinson Penny Forrester Vanellope von Schweetz Tip Tucci Riley Andersen
Hiro Hamada Hirocest Hiret Wilro Penniro Vaniro Hirip Hiriley
Violet Parr Hiret Violcest Willet Violenny Viollope Tiplet Viley/ Riolet
Wilbur Robinson Wilro Willet Wilbcest Penbur/ Wilpenny Vanbur/ Willope Wilp/ Tipbur Ribur
Penny Forrester Penniro Violenny Penbur/ Wilpenny Penncest / Forrcest Pennellope Tipenny Penley
Vanellope von Schweetz Vaniro Viollope Vanbur/ Willope Pennellope Vancest Tinellope Rilellope
Tip Tucci Hirip Tiplet Wilp/ Tipbur Tipenny Tinellope Tipcest Tipley
Riley Andersen Hiriley Viley/ Riolet Ribur Penley Rilellope Tipley Rilcest

Featured CharactersEdit

Hiro HamadaEdit

Hiro is often considered the "brains " and the leader of the group, because of his high knowledge of science and technology. As with the other members of Big Hero 6, Hiro would be the guy who "upgrades" the rest of the Modern/Futuristic Four, allowing them to perform at their full potential. Baymax is a member who is also often present beside him.

Violet ParrEdit

Having come from a family of superheroes, Violet has the most experience with vigilante-ism, and is the only one that actually has supernatural powers (as opposed to being powered by science). As the only member of the group who has the ability to turn invisible, Violet can be aid in stealth missions (assuming that the Modern Four make up their own superhero team aside from Big Hero 6 or The Incredibles).

Wilbur RobinsonEdit

Wilbur can be considered the comic relief of group, as well as guy with the transport. (Time Machine). Coming from a famous family, it is also possible that Wilbur has connctions of some sort with many people--this could help if the group needs to gather information from others. His ability in karate and futuristic weapons such as the Chargeball Glove (from the Meet the Robinsons Video Game) may appear in Superhero AU fanfictions.

Penny ForresterEdit

Depending on which identity of Penny's is used (ie: spy or actress), her role in the dynamic of the group may vary. In the superhero team type of story, her spy persona often used. As the title implies, she is a spy, and her experience could in handy for stealth missions, much like Violet. In the less fantastical/sci-fi AUs, the more passive and average version of Penny can be found. Bolt is a member who is sometimes present beside her, much like Baymax with Hiro.

Vanellope von SchweetzEdit

Oustide of the Arcade AU, and in a Modern AU, Vanellope would be considered a delinquent or hyperactive. If in a Superhero AU, her abilities in "glitching" could be in trade for teleportation. Her racing skills may also be mentioned, depending on the universe.

Tip TucciEdit

Tip is resourceful and spunky one of the group. She is brave and determined, which provides the group with a quick-thinking ally.

Riley AndersenEdit

Riley is sometimes seen as the sporty member of the group, when it comes to hockey; Which could have her as the captain of their own hockey team or have her teach them how to play the sport. Riley can even use her goofball side to make them laugh when they're down or to just get them into mood, before they start to have some fun.

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