The Lorax
Vital statistics
Title The Lorax
Gender Male
Film The Lorax (2012)

The Lorax (TV Special)

Status Alive
Hair Color Orange/Yellow
Eye Color Green
Friends The Once-ler, animals of the forest
Enemies The Once-ler (formerly)
"I'm the Lorax. Guardian of the forest. I speak for the trees."
—- The Lorax

 The Lorax is the titular protagonist of the 2012 adaptation of The Lorax. He is the Guardian of the Forest (though not a "guardian" in the fandom's sense).



The Lorax from the original 1972 TV Special.

The The Lorax is a small, stout creature covered head-to-toe in orange fur and yellow fur making up his eyebrows and large mustache. The original book describes his as "shortish, and brownish, and oldish, and mossy, and he spoke with a voice that was sharpish and bossy." He has green eyes, wears no clothes and is described as a "talking peanut" by the Once-ler's aunt.  


He is extremely protective of the Truffula Trees and constantly warns the Once-ler about what is happening to the surrounding area. When he looks upon the stump of a cut down tree, he gathers rocks around it in mourning for the fallen tree. Unlike the 1972 special, the Lorax's 2012 incarnation is more assertive to the point of destructive, nearly plummeting the Once-ler (asleep in his bed) of a deep watefall by accident. He can be easily offended and is often mistaken with the intentions of others. Despite his serious social approach, the Lorax does not hold a grudge.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though mentioned several times throughout the film, the Lorax's powers are barely ever seen, demonstrated or explained clearly. When a truffula tree was cut down, he appears upon its stump in a bolt of lightning. He appears to command the animals of the forest - less out of magic and more simple leadership and respect.

When the last tree is cut and the animals are all gone, he heists the end of his "pants" up into the clouds (levitation) and vanishes into the clouds to wherever he came from, leaving behind a stone with the words Unless carved onto it.

Whenever the Once-ler demands he demonstrates his powers, The Lorax denies him, saying that "(it's) not how it works." There are several fan theories as to why this is. It could be because his powers aren't completely under his control and that he is simply a humble guide to others. Another theory is that the Lorax is required to obey some universal law that restricts him from showing his powers to humans, or perhaps he simply wanted the Once-ler to realize the consequences of his actions on his own rather than being convinced by magic.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Judging from his role in the story, unusual anatomy and open origins, fans like to make The Lorax a spirit, possibly even a creation of the Man in the Moon in the same manner as Jack and the Guardians. He is often relegated to the side proxy to the Once-ler.


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