The Fujitas
The Fujitas Big Hero 6
Vital statistics
Title The Fujitas
Gender Females
Film Big Hero 6 (2014) (were set to be in it, before they were cutout)
Status (Were cut from the film, except for the Bot-fight ringleader)
Hair Color very
Eye Color very
Enemies the Big Hero 6 Team (if they were still in the film)
The Fujitas are a group of female criminals that "were" set to be in Disney's 2014 animated feature film Big Hero 6, before they were cutout.


Young, tall and dress to fight, steal and charm as they're making trouble on San Fransokyo's streets on their roller-skates.

In original story line the Fujitas are henchwomen to Yama or Yokai, but they were cutout when the story changed. But the eye-patch woman from the bot fights resembles them.


The Fujitas were a group of female criminals in the high-tech city of San Fransokyo. At one point in the film's production, they served as villainous henchmen to the character of Mr. Yama, who originally served as a mob boss in the city's underworld as well as a major antagonist in the film, though he eventually diminished into a more minor and comedic villain as production moved forward.

More notably, the Fujitas would also serve as henchmen to the film's main antagonist, Yokai, at one point. According to that storyline, Yokai rallied together a legion of San Fransokyo's most notorious criminals (including the Fujitas) to assemble a portal capable of sending him to another dimension.

Though the lethal and villainous Fujitas were ultimately dropped from the film, there are several points made by the filmmakers that indicates their presence within the universe.

BH6; Fujita Woman

Women from the Bot Fight

Additionally, a woman bearing a striking resemblance to the various pieces concept art released of the Fujitas (excluding the face paint) is seen as the ringleader of the bot-fight Hiro and Yama participate in at the beginning of the film.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

With no actual superpowers they use they're gymnastics, fighting, rollerblading and strong head-butts to fight and steal as they please their boss (Yokai or Yama) and to show the people of SF who really own the streets with they're hand fan and parasols by their side.


They use guns, bats, spray-paint, (to paint over camera lenses) ball in chains, hidden blades in their parasols and throwing knifes to do their jobs and fight people that try to stop them like the police and Big Hero 6.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Even when they were cutout from the film fans still use them in their fanart, comics, fiction and characters in AUs: like Crime AU and Dark AU.

Tumblr nirrm64s3W1rt5r3jo2 500

Fancomic page of Mob Boss, Yama and the Fujitas


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Concept ArtEdit

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