The Fujitas
The Fujitas Big Hero 6
Vital statistics
Title The Fujitas
Gender Females
Film Big Hero 6 (2014) (cut)
Hair Color Vary
Eye Color Vary
Family Each Other
Enemies Big Hero 6

The Fujitas are deleted characters and antagonists originally meant to make an appearance in the 2014 Disney animated feature film Big Hero 6.

Initially, they were a group of female criminals in the high-tech city of San Fransokyo, and served as henchmen to the then-mob boss Mr. Yama. In later production and deleted scenes, the Fujitas were the henchmen of Yokai along with Yama and a flight-based supervillain. This storyline, had Yokai rallying a legion of San Fransokyo's most notorious criminals (including the Fujitas) to assemble a portal capable of sending him to another dimension.


In most concept art of them, the henchmen women posses a punk, geisha-like style. They all share kimono-like garments for clothing, heavy makeup and black bun hair styles with hair sticks sticking out, with some of them wearing verses styled hairpins. One of the Fujitas appears to possess a flower tattoo on her right arm. Some of the Fujitas carry hand fans and umbrellas, the purpose for which is unknown. Some of them are also shown to wear eye patches, either to cover up an injury or to make them look more intimidating. They wear knee-high socks, although kneepads are also there to protect their knees while they use their roller-skates to skate around San Fransokyo and cause trouble for the people they encounter.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Fujitas are presented as regular human beings, that don't have any magical abilities whatsoever. A deleted scene from the film however did show them to be skilled at roller-skating, gymnastics and delivering strong head-butts to knock people out, which could mean that they may know some martial-arts.


The weapons that they are carrying in the concept art are mostly bats, with of them bearing sharp spike, and mace-styled ball in chains. A deleted scene from the film also shows them to wielding spry paint cans, so they could paint over the lenses of security cameras that could catch them in the act.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Even when they were cut from the film fans still use them in their fanart, comics, fiction and characters in AUs - like Crime AU, Dragon Warriors AU (due to their geisha style) and Dark AU - and other Big Hero 6 related crossovers.


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Concept ArtEdit

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