Barbaric archipelago

The Barbaric Archipelago

The Barbaric Archipelago is the primary part of the world that the events of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise takes place.


As the viking culture took place far-north of Europe, it is easy to assume that the Barbaric Archipelago takes place in Scandinavian Scotland, but more specifically between the Greenland and Norwegian Seas.


The main island settings in the books are the Isle of Berk, Meathead Islands, and Hysteria. Other islands include the Bog-Burglar Islands, the Peacable Country, the Mazy Multitudes, Visithug Territories, Berserk, Villainy, The Outcast Lands, Lava Lout Island and the Ugli-thug slavelands. In the film, the only two islands visited are Berk, and the Dragon Nest. Later on Astrid and Hiccup find a island with the sleeping Soul Render.

Some of the mentioned seas are The Sullen Sea, the Sea-Known-as-Woden's-Bathtub, and the Wrath of Thor. The Wrath of Thor is a thin straight of rapid water running between Villainy and Hysteria.

Assumingly to the north of the Archipelago lie the Icy Wastes, meaning the Roman Empire lies to the south, and the Open Ocean lies to the west. And after the crossing toward the open ocean you reach America.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Isle of Berk
  • Outcast Lands (Books)/Outcast Island
  • Dragon's Edge
  • The Dragon's Hide
  • Berserk Island
  • Dragon Island
  • Helheim's Gate
  • New Birth Island
  • Dragon Graveyard Island
  • The Rookery
  • Breakneck Bog
  • Changewing Island
  • Odin's Shield
  • Itchy Armpit
  • Fireworm Island
  • Healer's Island 
  • Eel Island
  • The Shivering Shores
  • Sorrow Island (Sunken by the Screaming Death)
  • Crescent Island (Sunken by the Screaming Death)
  • Tall Tree Island (Sunken by the Screaming Death)
  • Sunstone Island (Sunken by the Screaming Death)
  • Boarhead Island (Sunken by the Screaming Death)
  • Thor Rock Island (Sunken by the Screaming Death)
  • Ship Graveyard (at the edge of the Archiplago)
  • Glacier Island
  • Melody Island
  • Dark Deep

Book-Only LocationsEdit

  • Meathead Islands 
  • Peaceable Country 
  • Isle of the Skullions 
  • Bog-Burgular Islands 
  • Hysteria 
  • Swallow
  • The Waterlands
  • Lava Lout Island
  • Murderous Island
  • Visithug Territory
  • Mazy Multitudes
  • Bashem
  • Puffin Isles
  • Island of Silence
  • Isle of the Quiet Life
  • Uglithug Territories
  • Amber Slavelands
  • The Mystery
  • Frozen Isle of Nowhere
  • Grimbeard's Despair
  • Island of Tomorrow
  • Hero's End

Role in the CrossoverEdit


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