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Tenny (also called PenTed) is the name of the pairing between Ted Wiggins from The Lorax and Penny Forrester from Bolt. Although the pairing is relatively rare, it does have a few supporters within the fandom.

Relationship OverviewEdit

The pairing is seen to have a very high-energy, but also childlike dynamic. Ted and Penny both seem to be energetic kids, who enjoy riding around on scooters and being outside in general. Shippers like to imagine that the two would spend time hanging out together outdoors, maybe having scooter races or something of the sort.  

There's also a few differences between the two; outside of her TV performances, Penny seems to be a soft-spoken girl who doesn't seem to seek adventure (a direct juxtaposition of her character on the show). On the other hand, Ted is an adventurous daredevil so it is possible that he could add a little spice to her life. Ted, however, comes from an affluent city, and as such has gotten used to a lifestyle in which he is ever satisfied with what he has. Penny, despite being famous, knows how to enjoy the little things in life, such as time with her family, and might be a positive influence on Ted in this way.  

Additionally, Ted is shown throughout his movie to be quite a good listener--his actions are driven by a desire to help Audrey and The Once-ler after listening to their respective stories and desires. For Penny, this could be quite important--she's been pushed around by her agent and network for years, and many people don't really listen to her desires (aside from her mother). As such, she would probably appreciate a good listener like Ted in her life.  

Generally, the ship's dynamic is seen as a friendship-turned-romance, especially since both characters are quite young, and would most likely just enjoy some fun time together before they get serious about romance. Ted has more of a romantic nature than Penny seems to--however, since Penny is more on his maturity level than Audrey is, Ted may not feel pressured to act romantically around her, and the chemistry would most likely be less forced.  

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