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Tedler is the name given to the pairing of Ted Wiggins and the Once-ler from The Lorax. Though not a very popular ship, Tedler does have its followers. 

Relationship OverviewEdit

As with Audler, this pairing usually takes place in a scenario where Ted goes back in time to meet the young Once-ler, or in an alternate universe where Ted lived during the same time as the young Once-ler. Although many fans agree that they would be good friends (possibly long-lost relatives), some prefer to make there relationship blossom into something more. Ted would probably act as an advocate for the Lorax, pushing the Once-ler not to listen to his family and to spare the trees. The two would probably show off their talents to one another as well, with Once-ler drawing and playing the guitar while Ted would be performing stunts with his scooter. While they are both boys, Ted has a more masculine nature while Once-ler is a little more feminine, and this appeals to many fans of the pairing.

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