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Taronin (also known as Ronara or Taranin) is the name of the pairing between Queen Tara and Ronin from Epic. Though not a widely popular pairing, it does have many fans among those who prefer the movie alone.

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In the film, Tara is the queen of Moonhaven while Ronin is the top general in her army. Despite this, the two are shown to have a much more personal relationship. It is implied that they knew each other when they were younger, possibly even being childhood friends, and there are also several hints that they have romantic feelings for one another. 

According to Tara, Ronin was not always the serious general that he was shown to be in the movie. Tara says that he used to be much more fun and carefree, and even had "the sweetest smile." During the parade scene, Tara, who has kept her carefree nature, is seen encouraging Ronin to smile and have fun. Despite Ronin's efforts to remain serious and focused, he can't help but oblige. 

During the parade, however, Moonhaven is attacked by Boggans, and Queen Tara is unfortunately killed. Ronin is devestated, but he does his best to hide it. When he finds out that Tara gave the special pod to MK, he vows to help the girl save the forest, mostly out of duty, but also in Tara's honor. 

At the end of the movie, Tara's spirit appears one last time, and she seems happy when she sees Ronin smiling joyously at the sight of her.

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