Talent Items
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Vital Information
Title Talent Items, 'a' glowing hammer (Tinker Bell)
Film Tinker Bell (2008)
Status Available (When a new fairy comes to Pixie Hollow)
Current Location N/A
Current Owners New fairy
Previous Owners The fairies that placed them around their new friend

The Talent Items help new fairies find their talent and place in Pixie Hollow.


Each item signifies a fairy and his or her talent.


After a baby's first laugh gives birth to new fairy and the wind brings him or her to Pixie Hollow, Queen Clarion welcomes the new fairy to her kingdom before she gets other fairies to place items of their talent around the new comer so the new fairy can discover his or her talent: the fairies stay close the items so they could welcome the fairy into their 'group'. When the fairy touches an item that is not her talent, it stops floating and the mushroom like pedestal stops glowing, but if the next item is her talent it glows to his or her touch.

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Tinker Bell's Talent

For Tinker Bell it was a hammer that started to glow and floated up to her once she passed it and glowed a light that has not been seen in Pixie Hollow once she touched it. That hammer is what told her and rest of the fairies that came to welcome her that she is a Tinker, a very talented tinker.

She wasn't happy with her talent at first, when she believed that her life was going to be noting but 'pots' and 'kettles' all because of a 'glowing hammer', while other fairies and their talents allowed them to fly to the mainland. But when Spring was being 'delayed', she used her talent as a Tinker (with the help of Lost Things) to save the coming season, with the other fairies using her extremely efficient machines.

  • Flower: Garden-Talent Fairy.
  • Sun Light: Light-Talent Fairy.
  • Bubble of Water: Water-Talent Fairy.
  • Small Twister: Fast Flying-Talent Fairy.
  • Cupcake: Baking-Talent Fairy.
  • Egg: Animal-Talent Fairy.
  • Snowflake: Winter/Snowflake-Talent Fairy.
  • Hammer: Tinker-Talent Fairy.
  • Feather/Quill: ?
  • Leaf: ?
  • Paint Brush: ?

Role in the CrossoverEdit