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SweetTooth is the name of the pairing between Toothiana and E. Aster Bunnymund from Rise of the Guardians. Though not a very popular pairing, SweetTooth does have its followers.

Relationship Overview Edit

Tooth and Bunny share a friendship in both movie and books. In the books, Toothiana and Bunnymund both suffered from the loss of their families who had been killed (Bunnymund's kind had been wiped out by Pitch while Tooth's parents had been killed by The Monkey King). In the movie, Tooth and Bunny don't interact much, but Toothiana comforted him when Sandy died killed by Pitch and held his hand. The two of them also were the ones who took care the most of Sophie Bennett when she came into Bunnymund's warren, and Bunnymund also was the first to attack Pitch when this latter kidnapped Tooth's fairies.

Their relationship would be friendly or romantic, but full of arguments, because Bunnymund's chocolate wouldn't be good for teeth, according to Toothiana. Furthermore, they are both animals (Bunnymund being a rabbit and Toothiana being half-hummingbird) and they are the two animals of the team. There are also theories where Toothiana would bring on Bunnymund's softer side thanks to her sweet and motherly nature.

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