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Superhero AU (also known as Comic Book AU) is a popular AU (Alternate Universe) within the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom. In the AU, Hiccup, Merida, Rapunzel and Jack Frost are superpowered men and women on a superhero team. As it is not canon, ideas for this AU are shown through fanfiction, fanart, and other fan-made works.

About the AU

This AU portrays as the four as a group of metahumans (normal human beings embedded with extraordinary powers) that team up in a world of superheroes and supervillains. Because of the fantastical properties found within the fandom, RotBTD is the perfect setting for a comic-book stories and superpowered individuals.

Popular Scenarios

Featured Characters

Because of the flexible qualities that can be found in a comic-book scenario, the powers and identities of the Big Four in the Superhero AU may vary between writers and artists.

The Big Four

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

For his blacksmithing skills, Hiccup would most often rely on his technical know-how to build himself gadgets and weapons rather than having actual powers, his costume and flight-suit most often resembling Toothless under the superhero identity Night Fury. In a second version, he's a Batman-like hero with Toothless as his sidekick, known as the Dragon Rider. In other cases, Hiccup would be a mutant with dragon-like components, including a tail, claws, paws, teeth, ears and eyes.

Jack Frost

For his magical origins, Jack is the most often candidate to have actual powers, rather than relying on wit, tools or martial arts. Often magical in nature, Jack Frost would have the same cryokinetic powers he would as a spirit, along with flight and some ghost-like abilities, including his intangibility and invisibility to humans. Normally, his hero name would be Jack Frost or simply Frost, while Jackson Overland would be his civilian name.

Merida DunBroch

Being the most athletic of the four, Merida DunBroch would rely on her own physical prowess and weaponry skills, including a sword or a bow and arrow, to fight crime. Because of her family's royal standard, she has both the resources and funding to support both her and the other three's crime-fighting. Her hero name would normally coincide with one of her notable qualities. For example, some would call her Archer for her skills in archery. 

Rapunzel Corona

Much like Jack Frost, Rapunzel is the only other member of the Big Four known to have actual powers in-canon. Her hair is often the source of her powers, giving her healing powers, physical endurance, as well as abilities often associated with the sun, whether it is solar-powered physical strength, speed or other sort of powers. Her hero name would normally coincide with one of her notable qualities.

Extra Characters

Big Hero 6

Even when they are already a team of superheroes that uses technical and their own skills and knowledge in science to keep the people of San Fransokyo safe; there are a few that like to imagine Big Hero 6 having actual superpowers. Being born with them or had gotten them from an "incident" at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology (or at any other lab), that allowed them to be infested with or to have abilities that are similar to their school projects; and their hero gear. Being born with superpowers or had gotten them in a lab accident differs from story to story. They could even have the powers and abilities that their comic book selves have.

Hiro could have been wearing the neurotransmitter for his Microbots at the time of the "incident", which would give him the ability to control electromagnetism (the material that the small bots are made from) with his mind or to give him a type of telekinesis (as there are fans that have placed Hiro as a Technopath). He could also have a superpower that is connected to his genies or his skills in robotic, they could even have something to do with the magnetic pads and miniature computer in the gloves of his hero suit. Baymax would be a human that got his brain trapped within a robot or any other kind of machine, got turned into a cyborg or just have the Baymax 2.0 armor as a ironman like suit that he wears. Baymax could even have the power to transform himself into a dragon, much like the Baymax from the comic that Big Hero 6 is based on.

GoGo would have been holding one of her electro-magnetic wheels and possible standing next to the ones that she throw away when the "incident" made her body and mind have the power to control the electro-magnetic wheels to her will; she could also posses a superspeed like superpower. While Honey Lemon would have the ability to mix chemicals with her mind or hands and to safely touch them, without any kind of chemical reaction harming her. Wasabi could have been standing next to his laser induced plasma project and was later able to control and summon them from his hands, just above his wrists without the plasma harming his skin or body immune system. Fred could have been standing next to or holding a lizard that had been experimented on and was later "given" the ability to transform himself into a human-like lizard, with the same "abilities" and skin color that the lizard was given.

Tadashi Hamada

Tadashi is sometimes viewed as the seven member of the Big Hero 6 team, when he is given armor that is a bit like theirs (as well as being placed in Baymax's 2.0 armor or the armor that he was set to wear in one of the original layouts of the film, where he was one of the six members). He is also seen as a fox hero persona of a Kitsune, a identity that he sometimes takes in Dark AU. Tadashi would mostly take that role should he had survived the fire and went into hiding as he recovered from his burns and trained himself for the skills that he may need to find the arsonist that killed the man he looked up to and nearly killed him with the fire he started. He would use his skills in robotic to build his gadgets that would help him see in the dark (through his Kitsune mask), shoot fire with one of his weapons and to help him to get around the streets of San Fransokyo. Tadashi would help Hiro and his teammates should their paths cross, without telling them that he is still alive. When Tadashi is given a superpower of his own it mostly has something to do with fire, as it is the element that he is commonly given in Elements AU and Seasons Guardians AU. His Sunfire identity can also be used as his superhero persona.

Queen Elsa

For her magical ice powers, Elsa is the most often candidate to have actual powers, rather than relying on wit, tools or martial arts. She would have started to use her powers to fight crime when she decided to use them to keep her sister safe. Elsa would keep her hair down when she goes into her ultra ego and keeping her hair up when she is going about her day as a civilian.

The Incredibles

Since the Parr family/The Incredibles are a family/group of superheroes, they are seen as themselves; along with their friend Frozone and other supers that exist in their world. Fans also like to view and portrayed them as other types of "supers", like them being mutants from the X-Men universe or as non-supers using technical that allows them to create the legion of having superpowers.

Wilbur Robinson

Wilbur's superpower can have something to do with Time Travel, from his time using his dad's Time Machine. Which could have him jumping into time and space at will or being able to freeze it. He is also seen having power over thunder and lightning or electricity, due to the lightning bolt on his t-shirt (and on the cap that he had leaded to Lewis, as the lightning bolt logo is sometimes used as his personal mark). He can even use is father's technical and gadgets to curate the legion of having superpowers, some of them can be the gadgets that Wilbur used in the Meet the Robinsons video game.

Wilbur is sometimes seen as Violet's partner in superhero related crossovers and AUs of the Willet pairing, "Team Future" is the superhero title that the due are given.


Instead of being a dog that only has superpowers in a TV show, this AU allows Bolt to be a true Superdog; with the same backstory or an alternate version of how he "became one". His superpowers can be the same powers that he has in the show or being given some new and unique powers from fans. While Bolt is portrayed as a real Superdog, Penny is seen as a trained (adult or teen) Agent; fans also portray Penny as a girl with her own superpowers (that suits her) or using technical that allows them to curate the legion of having powers.

Fred's Father

The Superhero AU can allow fans to focus on Mr. Fredrickson's hero days as Boss Awesome. The gadgets in his lair reveals that he doesn't have superpowers, and is the type of superhero that his son and his friends are, but there are fans who give him powers. Powers that Fred can inherit from him, or had allowed him to have his own kind of superpowers that are different from his father's. Much like how Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack Parr's powers are different from their parent's. Some fans use the Big Incredible Heroes crossover as a excursion to Mr. Fredrickson retiring from his hero days, as extensive expense to public property and government funding were one of the reasons why supers were forced into retirement, in The Incredibles' universe.


The Superhero AU can allow fans to focus on Megamind's job as Metro City's superhero defender, after he had defeated Tighten. He uses the gadgets that he build, as well as used in his villain days, because he doesn't have superpowers of his own, like Metro Man has. Some fans like to invent/come up powers that Megamind could have and that best suit him.

Known Examples

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