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Superhero AU (also known as Comic Book AU) is a popular AU (Alternate Universe) within the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom. In the AU, RapunzelMeridaHiccup and Jack Frost are superpowered men and women on a superhero team. As it is not canon, ideas for this AU are shown through fanfiction, fanart, and other fan-made works.

About the AU

This AU portrays as the four as a group of metahumans (normal human beings embedded with extraordinary powers) that team up in a world of superheroes and supervillains. Because of the fantastical properties found within the fandom, RotBTD is the perfect setting for a comic-book stories and superpowered individuals.

Popular Scenarios

Featured Characters

Because of the flexible qualities that can be found in a comic-book scenario, the powers and identities of the Big Four in the Superhero AU may vary between writers and artists.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

For his blacksmithing skills, Hiccup would most often rely on his technical know-how to build himself gadgets and weapons rather than having actual powers, his costume and flight-suit most often resembling Toothless under the superhero identity Night Fury. In a second version, he's a Batman-like hero with Toothless as his sidekick, known as the Dragon Rider. In other cases, Hiccup would be a mutant with dragon-like components, including a tail, claws, paws, teeth, ears and eyes.

Jack Frost

For his magical origins, Jack is the most often candidate to have actual powers, rather than relying on wit, tools or martial arts. Often magical in nature, Jack Frost would have the same cryokinetic powers he would as a spirit, along with flight and some ghost-like abilities, including his intangibility and invisibility to humans. Normally, his hero name would be Jack Frost or simply Frost, while Jackson Overland would be his civilian name.

Merida DunBroch

Being the most athletic of the four, Merida DunBroch would rely on her own physical prowess and weaponry skills, including a sword or a bow and arrow, to fight crime. Because of her family's royal standard, she has both the resources and funding to support both her and the other three's crime-fighting. Her hero name would normally coincide with one of her notable qualities. For example, some would call her Archer for her skills in archery. 

Rapunzel Corona

Much like Jack Frost, Rapunzel is the only other member of the Big Four known to have actual powers in-canon. Her hair is often the source of her powers, giving her healing powers, physical endurance, as well as abilities often associated with the sun, whether it is solar-powered physical strength, speed or other sort of powers. Her hero name would normally coincide with one of her notable qualities.

Known Examples

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Mockup Art





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