Suits of Armor
Armor guards
Vital statistics
Title Suits of Armor
Gender Genderless (presumably male)
Film Hotel Transylvania (2012)
Status Unknown (presumably Alive)
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A
Friends Dracula (Employer), Gargoyles, Zombies, Witches

The Suits of Armor are members of staff found at Hotel Transylvania. They generally work as security and communication system for the Hotel.


All of the suits of armor all resemble classic medieval-knight armor, all of them identical to each other. 

Because of their hive-mind and identical voices, it is unknown if the armor itself is possessed by a sentient spirit or is simply enchanted with consciousness to work for the Hotel. 


Every suit of armor Is shown to be identical in behavior to one another. While it is stated that he does not pay them, they are shown to be loyal to Dracula, carrying out his every request. 

Throughout the film, one usually rushes to Dracula to inform him of a problem in the hotel, which he would usually remedy as soon as he's informed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Much like the monsters that attend and work at the Hotel, the Suits of Armor are immortal. They can be disessembled like a regular suit of armor with no ill effects. 

They all appear to possess a hive-mind and linked site, the armor speaking with Dracula knowing where Quasimodo was and notifying the others to stop him instantly.  

Role in the CrossoverEdit


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