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Stoilka (also known as Stalka) is the name of the pairing between Stoick the Vast from How to Train Your Dragon and Valka from How to Train Your Dragon 2. It is not a popular ship in the Big Four fandom, but there are still many who support the relationship.

Relationship Overview Edit

When Hiccup was a few months old, a dragon raid occured in Berk. Like every raid, Stoick and the citizens of Berk did everything they could to fight off the dragons and protect what is theirs. Valka, however, tried to reason with them, seeing that the dragon's only kill in self defense. Unable to get through to anyone, Stoick sends her back to the house. Valka looks to her home and sees a wild Stormcutter climbing in it. Fearful for her helpless infant son, Valka makes it to the house with an axe in hand, only to find the Stormcutter gently rocking Hiccup's cradle, careful not to hurt the baby. Valka realizes that he means no harm to the child, but Stoick barrels in, wanting to kill the dragon for his family. The dragon defends himself, accidently scratching Hiccup on the chin (forever having the scar as proof) and taking Valka with him as he flies of to the Bewilderbeast's nest

20 years later, Stoick and Gobber manage to locate Hiccup in the dragon den. Hiccup tries telling the older vikings, only to fall on deaf ears. Stoick and Gobber run into Valka, astonished that she is alive. Valka, afraid for their reaction, tries asks for their forgiveness after all of those years as Stoick calmly walks up to her. She becomes eratic and emotional, demanding that he shout or yell at her as she expected, only for Stoick to tearfully admit how happy he is to see her alive and well, kissing her.

They get to know each other over dinner, Valka nervous to see them again, as Stoick sings their song and dances with her, making up for lost time. Stoick, on one knee, asks for her to come back to Berk as his wife again, as she whole-heartingly agrees. Drago and his army crashes into Valka's den, interrupting the reunion as Valka gathers the dragons for a fight. Hiccup tries to reason with him, only to be met with hostility. Drago uses his Bewilderbeast to turn Toothless against him. Just as Toothless lets loose a plasma blast onto his rider, Stoick pushes him out of the way and takes the blast instead, killing him instantly. 

Drago, thinking he had won, flies off to Berk with Toothless and the other dragon, as Hiccup, Valka, Gobber and the other riders mourn their fallen chief on his funeral pyre. They ride on a rookery of baby dragons (the only ones immune to the command of an Alpha Dragon) and make it back to Berk. Hiccup frees Toothless from the Bewilderbeast, they defeat Drago and Hiccup in named the new Chief, Valka becoming a member of the tribe again.

Unlike Eligus, Stoick and Valka's marriage may not have been an arrangement, and that they had a relationship built out of affection much like Hiccup and Astrid's (though this has not been confirmed). 

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