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Steampunk AU is an Alternate Universe in which the characters of the Big Four are living in a steampunk world.

About the AUEdit

The Steampunk AU features characters dressed in clothing based on the science fiction sub-genre. Steampunk itself is an alternate universe of how the real life industrial revolution could've played out. This can include a mix of clothing and accessories that involve worn down machinery and clothes from the 19th century.

Because Steampunk is no stranger to the supernatural, it is possible that supernatural creatures like vampires, dragons and spirits like the Man in the Moon and the Boogeyman could exist.

Popular Spinoff AUsEdit

Featured CharactersEdit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Hiccup is a genius, often inventing things beyond the time period of even the advanced steampunk age. To parallel his somewhat elevated status as heir to the Chief of Berk, Hiccup is usually in the aristocracy, though not as well-to-do as a royal figure such as Merida or Rapunzel. He tends to spend more time in the workshop than the other people of his standing. Hiccup's mechanical leg, amputated in a workshop accident, is a Swiss army knife of useful odds and ends. Toothless often accompanies him in various forms--as a dragon, a human, a vehicle or even an automaton.

Jack FrostEdit

Trickster, conman and amateur sorcerer, Jack Frost is the pauper to the prince and princesses that are the Big Four. Being the oldest of the four, Jack knows what it is like to live in the slums and wilderness of the steampunk world. Because supernatural forces can be found in steampunk scenarios, Jack is usually the one who wields the most magic or other assorted powers. Whether or not he is a spirit, a human or whatever else differs from story to story.

Merida DunBrochEdit

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

Known ExamplesEdit


Mockup ArtEdit




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