Shushing Rock
Vital Information
Title Shushing Rock, The Shusher
Film Home (2015)
Status Unavailable
Current Location Gorg Mother Ship
Current Owners The Gorg
Previous Owners Captain Smek, Oh
—- After Smek smacks it agent a Boov's head

The Shushing Rock or simply known as the "Shusher" is the name that Captain Smek had given to the small stone that he "obtained" at the Gorg's peace meeting when he "escaped". But what Smek and the other Boov don't know was that the "stone" contains the next generation of Gorg, and the Gorg Commander's family.



When Smek ran away from the Gorg at it's peace meeting, Smek came across a small gray "rock" and "took" it with him as he escaped. The story of how Smek came across the rock that sits on top of his scepter is one of the Boovs' well known legends and the Booz Captain uses it to "shush" his fellow Boov when he is angry at them or wants them to stop talking. Not long after Smek had "obtained" the shusher, the Gorg started to cash after them and destroyed any planet that almost became the Boovs' new home.

The "Shusher" was later given to Oh for inserting the Gorg Super-Chip from the fallen Gorg Drone into their ship, disproving Smek's words and when Kyle and the other Boov made him their new captain. When Oh returned to Earth, so he could for fill his promise to a human girl, he brought the Shusher with him. After Tip and her mother were reunited and when Oh heard them say that nothing would stop them from finding each other, he looked at the small rock before taking it off the scepter, finding out that it opens and saw what was in it. He relived that "Gorg aren't the takers, the Boov are" and went to return it to it's rightful owner, as the Gorg's Mother Ship landed on Earth and was slowly destroying the planet.

Once it was returned to the Grog, he explained to Oh that he was the last of his kind and the "Shusher" holds the next generation of Gorg and his family before thanking him and bringing it back to his ship. At the end of the film the Gorg larva were finally able to leave their "shell", as their caretaker was finally able to raise, take care and help them to grow.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

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