RttE - Ship Graveyard

The Ship Graveyard

The Ship Graveyard was a place where ships were lost, abandoned, and hidden rest in the DreamWorks Dragons series.


The graveyard rests in the fog line that surrounds the edge of the Archipelago.


In the fog surrounding the archipelago lies an abandoned graveyard of ships where unlucky sailors have lost their bearings and crashed.

But it’s not completely hidden to all Vikings; Trader Johann uses this secluded spot to store all his goods and wares. The graveyard also houses another secret, the Dragon Eye.


At some point, the Dragon Hunters' ship, The Reaper, became entrapped there along with the Dragon Eye.

Trader Johann used the graveyard to store all his good and wares on the derelict ships there, except The Reaper. Following his escape from Outcast Island, Dagur the Deranged, Savage, and their Berserkers took Johann's ship and sailed there to take his goods in order to rebuild Dagur's forces. Hiccup and his riders got there first, securing most Johann's goods. Hiccup and Toothless then explored The Reaper, finding the Dragon Eye. However, Hiccup was then confronted by Dagur and his men, who captured his riders. Dagur then demanded the Dragon eye from Hiccup. After Dagur was then given the eye, he left. Hiccup pursued him but then Dagur fired his catapult at The Reaper, sinking it. Luckily, Hiccup and Toothless were able to save the riders and recover the Dragon Eye.

Dagur and his then returned a few days later to recover the traps and items from The Reaper. After that, Dagur and his men left The Reaper on the surface. The Riders then returned to search The Reaper for clues as to where the Dragon Hunters were taking Stormfly.

Hiccup and Toothless then returned when the Frozen Skrill was out for revenge on them.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

It's possible that the graveyard is the resting place of The Nightmare Galleon (and other ships that belong to the fandom's villains) as it crashed into the waters surrounding the island(s) when Nightlight defeated it's captain, cursing the island as the soul of Pitch's former crew makes ships that try to sail through the fog crash and leading hungry giant eels to finish off the saviors.

Dagur's lust for power and the urge to taste Hiccup and Toothless' blood could of speared him and his men from the curse. While the debris from the Moon Clipper that fell with galleon kept the eels away from Johann, as he journeyed to and from the graveyard and other Vikings that don't wish to stay in the fog for too long.


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