"Ha, Ha! I don't get it. "
—Sherman Peabody
Sherman Peabody
Vital statistics
Title Dog (Penny)
Gender Male
Film Mr. Peabody & Sherman
Status Alive
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Family Mr. Peabody (adoptive father)
Friends Penny Peterson, Leonardo Da Vinci,
Enemies Penny Peterson (sort of; formerly), King Tut (formerly), Mrs. Grunion, Robespierre
Sherman Peabody is Mr. Peabody's "pet" boy in Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Unlike Rocky and Bullwinkle, Mr. Peabody treats Sherman like his son rather than his pet and servant.

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A little boy with red hair, wears spectacles, white T-shirt and running shoes, and black shorts.

Personality Edit

Sherman is a very bright boy. He is very curious, rambunctious, fun loving, mischievous, and overall enthusiastic. He watches out for Peabody and wants to impress Penny. At first, he and Penny hated each other, but then they developed a strong friendship. Peabody adopted Sherman as a baby. He has a huge crush on Penny. The reason Sherman showed Penny the WABAC was because he wanted to impress her and make her like him. He appears to be somewhat of a pushover, as he allowed Penny to goad him into showing her the WABAC and to use it to travel through time. It was also shown that he obeyed Mr. Peabody to the letter, as whenever Penny asked Sherman to do something, he would always say, "but Mr. Peabody says...". However, he is good natured and loyal to those he loves, such as Penny and Mr. Peabody, as shown when he risked destroying the fabric of time to go back to when Mr. Peabody was alive (Sherman assumed Mr. Peabody had died saving him when in reality he had lived) despite the fact Mr. Peabody warned him that traveling to a time where you exist is dangerous in order to save him.

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