SADNESS Fullbody Render
Vital statistics
Title Sadness
Gender Female
Film Inside Out (2015)
Status Alive
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Friends Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear, Bing Bong
"I only make things worse! Riley's better off without me!"

Sadness is the deuteragonist of the 2015 film Inside Out. She is the embodiment of Riley Andersen's capacity for sadness and a member of her emotions.   

Appearance Edit

During Inside Out, Sadness is shown to be small and chubby, and many fans consider her to be cute. She has light blue skin, shoulder-length dark blue hair, sapphire blue eyes, and buck teeth. Throughout the film, she wears thick dark purple round glasses, white turtleneck sweater, navy blue pants and slippers.

Personality Edit

As her name implies, Sadness is shown to be perpetually depressed. She always looks at the downside of every situation, and is prone to give up without every trying. She is also shown to be very lazy, saying that she is "too sad to walk", and seems fine with being dragged along the ground. It is said that she likes scary movies and rainy days (though for different reasons from Joy).

Despite being the second oldest emotion, Sadness has the least sway in Riley's life (mostly due to Joy and the others keeping her away), she and the other emotions having no idea why someone who's job is to make Riley miserable would be there at all. This would build and build until she finally actively avoids Joy, crying her eyes out, believing that Riley would be better off without her. By the end, it is revealed that Sadness is one of the more inventive of the emotions, making the discovery that they could make memories that combine their emotions.

She shares many of the quirks Riley and her emotions share (like hating broccoli). Like her other emotions, is capable of her own spectrum of emotions as well, such as when she could feel satisfaction and hope near the end.

Powers and Abilities Edit

While manning the controls to Riley's mind, every thought, memory and action she instigates are always sad or depressing ones.

Unlike the other emotions, Sadness seems to possess the unique ability to turn any memory she touches blue, making them sad. It is unknown how this is possible, but it is hinted to be out of necessity for Riley's situation.

While it is never stated outright, it is implied that she does not need to sleep, spending all of her time the next few days trying to make it back to headquarters with no sign of fatigue.

Role in the Crossover Edit

Although Sadness does not usually appear in the crossover, may appear both as an emotion of Riley as a humanized version of it, which is related to Riley or be her friend.

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