Ruffwall is the name for the pairing between Ruffnut Thorston from How to Train Your Dragon and Wee Dingwall by Brave. It is not a popular pairing in the RotBTD fandom, but it does have many loyal fans.

Relationship Overview Edit

This pairing manifested as an alternative How to Train Your Dragon (2010)/Brave (2012) pairing to Mericcup. It's portrayed as an odd couple, with Wee Dingwall being the affectionate, gentle, "feminine" half to Ruffnut's outgoing, raucous, "masculine" temper.

The two characters do seem to have much in common; both flirt outrageously (and briefly) with the main characters of their films, both are uninterested in the typical trappings of societal gender roles, and both take great joy in fighting for fighting's sake. They also have very little in the way of culture shock; the name "Dingwall" is actually an old Viking name, and Wee Dingwall does possess the "berserker" rage associated with Vikings, so he could probably find a lot of common ground with Ruffnut's tribe.

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