Queen Tara's Pod
The Pod
Vital Information
Title Queen Tara's pod
Film Epic (2013)
Status Unavailable
Current Location Inside Marigold
Current Owners Unavailable
Previous Owners Mub, Grub, Queen Tara, Mandrake

Queen Tara's Pod is a magical plant-pod featured in the film Epic.


Picked from the smallest of the crop, the pod looks like a common-place pond leafpod. It appears all around green with bits of pink at the very edge.

When it blooms in darkness, the petals become grey and withered. 


Every 100 years, the Queen of the Forest must choose a pod among multiple others. This pod will be embued with the forces of life and growth. During the full moon on the summer solstice, the pod is exposed to the moonlight in the main chamber of Moonhaven and blooms. The Queen's power is then passed on to another, declaring that person the Queen's successor and heir. 

However, if the pod were to bloom away from the moonlight, the pod wilts and withers, its power becoming corrupted and unleashes a force that would destroy the forest rather than protect it. 

Possibly because it contains the queen's power, the pod has a habit of extending its roots and lightly attaching itself onto whomever is holding it. The pod must be kept moist at all times, hense why the pod's caretakers Mub and Grub must accompany it. 

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Though the pod itself is gone, there are many other pods in special care in a pond in the center of the forest, allowing the events to occur more than once. Since the pod's powers are directly linked to the moon (moonlight allowing it to pass on the Queen's powers to another host), it is quite possible that the Queen's magic originates from the Man in the Moon.


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