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This focuses on the relationships with the character Elsa.

Big FourEdit


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Hiccelsa :3

Elsa and Hiccup

Having known about (and possibly fearing) Vikings, Elsa would be very surprised when she meets Hiccup. Socially awkward, smart, and very sweet, the two would get along fairly well. Because he is the son of the Chief, if Hiccup forges a friendship with Elsa, it would give Berk a new trading partner and ally.  

Beyond friendship, the two have a pairing, called Hiccelsa, which is widely known these days. Elsa is most often paired with Hiccup's older self, often meeting either through one of Hiccup's travels with Toothless. In Frozen Tangled Guardians, Hiccup plays the part of Elsa and Anna's surrogate uncle, paranoid for their safety and hoping to educate their young minds about the world around them. 

In Frozen Dragon, Elsa was Astrid's competitor for Hiccup. She knew that her powers meant trouble, but didn't mind it. The day when Elsa learned how to control it, she saved hiccup from a wild Whispering Death by creating a shield of ice around them. Until then no one knows that incident for Hiccup promised that no matter what happens, no one will know that Elsa has powers. Until then, the Ice Fury, Snowstorm, created by Elsa, was also a secret which Hiccup only knows. 

Jack FrostEdit


Both Elsa and Jack were made with the power to control ice and create blizzards. A portion of the fans write her and her sister, Princess Anna, as the daughters of Jackunzel (Jack Frost x Rapunzel). Apart from this, they form Jelsa. Fans would suppose they have much in common, like the sacrifice of their lives for their sister ( Jack has died for his little sister while Elsa was isolated almost all her life) and their common powers to control snow and ice. Jack did not interact with someone for years just like Elsa, locked alone for years in her room. Each one can understand the other. There would be a very big rivalry between Jelsa and Jackunzel. Of course, fans of Jelsa are opposed to Elsa and Anna are Jackunzel's children. Writers often theorize that Jack may have saved her with his powers because she was a stillborn as a baby and he felt responsible and watched over her, later falling in love with her as she grew older. Outside of the romantic relationship, they are also portrayed as having a sibling love or being close friends since they both share the hardship of being isolated for a long time. They balance each other out, Elsa showing him the importance of being serious, and Jack showing her the importance of having fun and "letting it go". This has become quite a popular ship.

Merida DunBrochEdit

Merida y elsa by abrilunicaa-d76ax0q

The two might not get along at first, Merida being hot-headed and wild and Elsa being calm and collected. Merida's way of weapons would scare Elsa, as a reminder of Hans, also the fact that Elsa only uses her powers to spread joy. However, the only things that they'll ever agree on and have in common is the love for their families (Merida for her mom, dad, and triplet brothers and Elsa for for her sister, Anna) learning how to rule a kingdom, and protecting their friends. In Frozen Tangled Guardians, Merida may play a surrogate aunt to Elsa and Anna, teaching them her tomboyish ways, like shooting arrows and riding horses, ready to drop everything and come to their aid.

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

Some fans associate Rapunzel as the mother of Elsa, implying the Jackunzel relationship. Both are known to be shut out of the world because of their abilities, Rapunzel being trapped in the tower so Mother Gothel can use her hair, and Elsa in her room for her powers of ice and snow.

Disney has suggested that Rapunzel is her cousin, as Rapunzel's mother is the sister of Elsa's mother. Rapunzel actually makes an cameo appearance in Frozen. This is probably because the creators of Tangled (2010) were also in charge of creating Frozen along with the creators of Wreck-It-Ralph.       

Often times, Rapunzel and Elsa are shown to be rivals for Jack's affections.       



Pitch BlackEdit

Because Elsa has felt much fear and isolation from her powers her entire life, it is very likely that she would be able to see him. The relationship between them is a complicated one. Some scenarios place Pitch wishing to use the Snow Queen's power to instill fear and terror onto the populace or at least (in Frozen Tangled Guardians) to spite Jack. Because they both have great loneliness brought on by great power that they did not ask for, some like to portray them as Dark kindred spirits who have found one another.

Mother GothelEdit

Though she does not have any powers that would properly suit Gothel's interests, Elsa would still be a subject that would register on Gothel's radar. In Frozen Tangled Guardians, Gothel would pose some interest in the woman she would virtually call her "granddaughter", using this position as a means to gaining the lonely girl's trust. Despite this, Gothel would otherwise hold little honest attachments towards her much like she did with Rapunzel.

Red DeathEdit

Despite the Red Death's size and force, Elsa could be one of the few characters in the fandom capable of holding their own against the Red Death without any help. Since her powers do not seem to posses any limits aside from their uncontrollable behavior, Elsa could direct the entirety of winter itself onto the dragon and freeze it solid in its tracks. However, because the dragon's brute strength and its ability to breath a gust of flames prove capable of destroying an armada of ships, it could possibly combat Elsa's powers enough to pose a threat. 


Though Mor'du is considered dangerous, his hide tough enough to outlast any weapon the royal guard can muster against him, he is nothing compared to Elsa. She would be able to freeze the demon bear in an instant, if not killing him then to at least imprison him long enough to properly dispose of him.

Expanded UniversesEdit


Hiro HamadaEdit

A boy and queen by rumrock-d7m6crp

Elsa and Hiro

As the esteemed "Queen of Arendelle", the famous/infamous "Snow Queen", and bringer of the "Eternal Winter", this would give an unknowing introduction to the 14-year old robotics inventor Hiro Hamada.

Much as we live in the vast logic of science, magic (which is Elsa's powers) would be out of the question, but seeing Elsa's ice abilities, this would rethink Hiro's mind about magic. Elsa would be very suprised and quite impressed by Hiro's vast intellect, knowing of strange technology, far advanced of Arendelle and his home of San Fansokyo.

Hiro can be quite intimidated by Elsa, due to her serious, queenly figure, and is very rational if mixed with his personality, learning of Hiro's methods and wasted potential, but overall, seeing that Hiro fights to protect the innocents of San Fransokyo and placing evil-doers to justice gives Elsa a strong sense of proudness for Hiro. Only having a sister in her life, Elsa would be rather please to have a younger brother, even so to Hiro's stubborn and reckless personallity, similar to Anna, and so being that Anna and Hiro would bicker most of the time, Elsa is most likely the sane one of the three. This is also the fact of Hiro's deceased brother Tadashi, in Elsa, if she were to lose Anna, it would be very agonizing, as she loves Hiro and will protect him as Tadashi did. 


Mavis DraculaEdit

The Once-lerEdit

Once-ler and Elsa may not be drawn to one another at first, as Elsa tends to be regal and professional while the Once-ler is more goofy and arrogant. As such, the Once-ler may be drawn more to Anna than he would be to Elsa. However, the two characters do have some things in common, such as the fact that they are both misunderstood by their families and the people around them, and that they are both pushed into becoming someone that they don't necessarily want to be, despite the fact that they eventually embraced that identity. A friendship between the two would be slow, but still possible, as fans believe that the two would eventually learn to relate and may form a bond with one another. While some believe that their ideals may clash, others think that the two would help each other grow, and that they may even help each other to avoid some of the negative events that befall them in their respective films--the Once-ler would learn from Elsa's selflessness while Elsa would be inspired by his confidence. Beyond friendship, the two characters are also paired romantically in a ship called ThinIce, which has a small but loyal following.

Mary KatherineEdit


Wreck-It RalphEdit

Vanellope von SchweetzEdit

Although annoyed by her childish antics, Elsa would probably see Vanellope as a lot like Anna and warm up to her. Elsa and Vanellope would also have quite a bit in common, such as being discriminated for their powers and having a kingdom to rule over (or a game). Both were seen as dangerous to their own lands and their isolation could bring them together as well.

Tinker BellEdit


Elsa could see periwinkle as a little sister; they both have the power of ice and snow, were isolated from the outside world which could make them both a very happy family, could build snowmen and Periwinkle could build an ice palace of her own.



King CandyEdit




Princess Anna of ArendelleEdit

Anna is Elsa's sister and best friend. When they were younger, Anna was fascinated by her sisters abilities and loved having her use them until Elsa accidentally struck her with her magic. After Anna's memories are erased, Elsa becomes distant to protect her. Elsa loves Anna above all others, and her sisters protection is always her prime concern, and hurting her with her ice magic is her greatest fear. After she realizes that love is the key to controlling her powers, she mends her relationship with her sister and they become close as they ever were. In some stories, this love develops into something of a dependence, where Anna comes to be a sort of safety valve for Elsa's magic. Some go as far as to pair them together, either romantically or platonically. 

King Agnarr of ArendelleEdit

The king seems to have a closer relationship with his daughter than his wife does, as he is usually the one who speaks with her and gives her the first pair of gloves.

Queen Iduna of ArendelleEdit

The queen is shown to have a negative relationship with her daughter due to her cryokinetic powers, possibly being afraid of her. Despite the fear, Iðunn still deeply cares for her daughter and is shown to be greatly saddened when Elsa shrinks away from her.


Elsa created Olaf and bought him back to life using her powers. He first appeared when Elsa sung "Let It Go." She saw him again when he went in the castle. At the end of the movie, summer was bought back to Arendelle and Olaf melted. Elsa gave him a flurry to prevent him from melting.


Elsa created Marshmallow in order to push people away.


Kristoff BjorgmanEdit

While Kristoff and Elsa do not share much screen time in the first movie, it can be assumed Elsa supports his relationship over Hans, having learned to actually know each other and keep it steady instead of moving into marriage. She gladly gave him a new sled and the title of "Icemaster" (despite being able to make ice herself) on her sister's request.

In Frozen Fever, Kristoff helped Elsa formulate Anna's birthday party.


Grand PabbieEdit



Prince Hans of the Southern IslesEdit

Prince Hans, Anna's previous fiancé, tried to kill Elsa numerous times to gain the throne of Arendelle. As such, it is likely that there would be a remaining sense of animosity between the two. However some fans do ship them in a pairing dubbed Helsa. In battle and fully aware of the situation (not scared/consumed with emotion) it is likely that Elsa's powers would give her a large advantage over Hans.

The Duke of Weselton Edit

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