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Pokémon AU is an Alternate Universe where character from Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons are portrayed as Pokémon Trainers from the hit franchise Pokémon.

About the AUEdit

In this world, creatures known as Pokémon roam the world in harmony with human beings. When a human reaches age 10 (Anime-universe), they are given a starter Pokémon by their local Professor and set off in the world, catching other Pokémon in devices called Poké-balls. They train the Pokémon, befriend them, use them to battle, and strive to become "Pokémon Masters". Pokémon Trainers can also strive to other ventures, including Gym LeadersPokémon BreedersPokémon Coordinators, etc.

Because of the radically different nature of the world, the characters, setting, technology, etc., these incarnations of the characters are significantly different from their original counterparts. Most commonly, this AU takes place in modern times.

When fans infuse the four and other characters with Pokémon, to make them Gijinka - half human and half Pokémon like people - can make this AU an alternative to Hybrid AU. While the Pokémon anime and manga book series makes it an alternative with Anime AU.

Featured CharactersEdit

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The Big FourEdit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Hiccup is a Pokémon Trainer that normally specializes in Dragon-type Pokémon. Because Dragon-types are naturally powerful and one of the least common types, Hiccup being able to catch one, let alone train one is an impressive feat to behold.

What Pokémon Toothless is often differs from story to story. The most common Pokémon used is Dragonite, (shiny or X mega) Charizard and Noivern. One of the more unorthodox decisions amongst fans places Toothless as an Umbreon, a non-dragon Pokemon.

Jack FrostEdit

Jack is as a Pokémon Trainer that normally specializes in Ice-type Pokémon. His partner isn't any particular Pokémon, although he is most often seen with an Glaceon.

Merida DunBrochEdit

Merida is often portrayed as a Trainer that either specializes in Fire-Types or with no specific type at all. She is most commonly seen with an Ursaring (representing her mother as a bear) and a group of Teddiursas (her three brothers as bear cubs). Whether she actually caught these bear-like pokémon or if they are wild pokémon she has a bond with differs from story to story.

Her horse, Angus is commonly portrayed as the Fire-type horse pokémon Ponyta, or its evolved form Rapidash; some fans however see Angus being portrayed as a Mudsdale. Merida's archery skills could even have her having a Decidueye in her team, as the Grass-Ghost type is known as the Arrow Quill Pokémon and being able to wield a vine-like bow that shoots leaf-headed arrows through the pokémon's Z-move - Sinister Arrow Raid. There are also fans that placed a Ghost type Pokémon in her team, in homage to the Will -O'-the-Wisps. Her family's necklace can even serve as the "mega necklace" for her key stone.

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

Rapunzel's specialty Type is often disputed. Some authors have her specialize in Electric-Types, while others have her with Fairy-Types.

Her best friend Pascal is commonly portrayed as a Kecleon, which is a Normal-type Pokémon, while her horse friend Maximus is portrayed as a Rapidash, a Fire-type. She can also be partnered up with a Yellow Flabebe/Floette/Florges or a Sunflora, in homage to the Golden Flower. While the name of the Disney film that she is form has fans place a Tangela (or its evolved form, Tangrowth) as part of her team; along with a Smeargle for her art skills and even a Solrock for the shape of Corona's crest.

Her blond hair and her connection to the sun could even cast her as Lillie from Pokémon: Sun & Moon (mainly Sun), as Nebby (the Cosmog that Lillie looks after) evolves into the legendary Pokémon of the sun, Solgaleo. Due to Rapunzel's connection to the sun and Corona's sun crest.

Extra CharactersEdit

Queen ElsaEdit

Elsa is mostly seen as a Pokémon Trainer or Gym Leader that specializes in Ice-types. The badge for her gym can be made to look like the main snowflake from frozen, that is seen as her personal mark, while her gym resembles her ice castle. While some fans see Elsa as the Ice-Type specialist Champion of her regain, due to her being Arendelle's queen and her second castle sitting at the top of a mountain, as most of the Pokémon League locations in the Pokémon games reside in "high" places. Her partner isn't any particular Pokémon, although she is most often seen with an Glaceon (while Anna is partnered up with a Leafeon), Froslass, Abomasnow and a Articuno. Elsa and her sister's snowman friend Olaf is commonly portrayed as a Snover, that is a friend to both of the sisters; as it is both an ice and a grass-type.

Princess AnnaEdit

Since Anna is the warm, summer version of the older sister, she is seen as a Pokémon Trainer or Gym Leader that specializes in Grass-types. Her partner isn't any particular Pokémon, although she is most often seen with a Leafeon (while Elsa is partnered up with a Glaceon) and one of the two Deer Pokémon, Stantler and (spring or summer) Deerling (or its evolved form Sawsbuck). Anna and her sister's snowman friend Olaf is commonly portrayed as a Snover, that is a friend to both of the sisters; as it is both a grass and an ice-type.

Vanellope von SchweetzEdit

Because of Vanellope's sugary kingdom, she is seen as a trainer (that is sometimes featured as an older version of her) that specializes in Fairy-types, or is partnered up with Pokémon that are based on "sugary" food, like Vanillite/Vanillish/Vanilluxe and Swirlix/Slurpuff.

Professor BombaEdit

Since Radcliffe Bomba is already a professor and spend a lot of time in his work, it can easily make and portray him as a local Pokémon Professor that gives trainers their starters and look after other trainers Pokémon. His house can serve as his lab, while Ozzi is portrayed as a dog-like Pokémon - like Growlithe, Poochyena, Lillipup, Rockruff or any of the others and their evolved forms - and his daughter as his assistant, before she leaves on her own journey and gets her starter from him (which might likely be a Grass-Type).

He can also be a professor that is studying the Pokémon that live in the forest next to his house, along with a Pokémon and the Realm that it comes from, that is said to exist in "legend".

Moana WaialikiEdit

Moana is mostly seen as a Pokémon Trainer that specializes in Water-Types (or any of the island themed Pokémon from Sun & Moon, that matches the themes from Moana). Because of the setting in the film, Moana can be a trainer living in the Alola Region (with Motunui as one the Alola islands): as well as a trainer that is taking part in the island challenge or being one of the island's Trial Captains. If Moana should encounter the Guardian deities, it would most likely be Tapu Fini (a Water and Fairy type, for her friendship with the Ocean) or Tapu Bulu (a Grass and Fairy type, for the friendship she formed with Te Fiti).

Her friend Pua is commonly portrayed as one of the two pig Pokémon, Spoink or Tepig, while Heihei is the chicken Pokémon Torchic, it's evolved form Combusken or as a Rowlet. Along with being commonly partnered up with a Popplio, as her starter, a Lapras (in place of her sailboat) and a Mantine, in homage to her grandmother's manta ray tattoo and the form her spirit took.


Maui is a Pokémon Trainer that is partnered with Pokémon that resemble his animal transformations. Like a Sharpedo (shark), Pidgeot/Fearow/Talonflame (eagle), Wailord (wail) and so on. He can also be a Island Kahuna in the Alola region and being a demigod can make him be friends with his island's Guardian Deity or had encountered it.


Since Tamatoa is a crab, he is seen as one of the crab-like Pokémon like Krabby, Kingler and Crabrawler. Mostly as a Crabrawler for his purple "skin" and the themes from Sun & Moon matching some of the themes from Moana.

Guardians of ChildhoodEdit

Since there are four Guardians (before Jack joined them), they can easily be portrayed as members of the Elite Four; each one being a master of a Pokémon type. North would be the Elite Four member of Ice-Type Pokémon. Tooth a member of Flying-Types (due to her bird-like form) or of Psychic-Types (as memories reside deep within the mind), some of the Pokémon in her team can even be a bit of both with Psychic-Flying Type Pokémon like a Sigilyph; as they are both colorful with a touch of green. She could even be the Elite Four member of Fairy-Type Pokémon, for being the Tooth Fairy. Bunny can be a trainer of Fighting-Types (for his fighting skills with his boomerangs), Grass (due to the element of Spring) or of Normal-Types (a reference to two rabbit-like Pokémon, Buneary/Lopunny and Bunnelby/Diggersby). While Sandy's dreamsand would make him a master of Ground-Types.

With the Guardians as the Elite Four and Jack being the trainer that faces them as the final part of his journey in their region, MiM can be placed as the Champion of their region. MiM's power over the Moon's light can even have him be friends with the Moon Pokémon of the Cosmic duo, Lunala; as well as having a Lunatone in his team.

Tinker BellEdit

When Tink is placed in this AU, she is portrayed as a Pokémon Trainer (and a young human), that is seen specializing in Fairy-Types (for being a fairy herself), as well as well owning Pokémon that represent her skills and life as a Tinker-Talent fairy. Tinker Bell can even have a mouse-like to represent Cheese, a firefly-like Pokémon (or any of the Bug-type Pokémon) to serve as Blaze and a few other Pokémon that reference her friends. Tink's friends - and the other fairies and characters from Disney Fairies - can also be Pokémon Trainers, that have Pokémon that best reference the elements and tasks of their talents.

Water-Type Pokémon for Silvermist. Grass-Types and flower-like Pokémon for Rosetta. Pokémon that can use Sunny Day and even Fire-Types for Iridessa. Forest Animal-like Pokémon that suit Fawn. Fast moving Pokémon and even some Flying-Types for Vidia. While Periwinkle could specialize in Ice-Type Pokémon for being a Frost-Talent fairy. The Pokémon in their teams can even be the type of animals that their talents allow them to be close with; like how bumblebees are close with Garden-Talent fairies and tadpoles being found of Water-Talent fairies.

While them being fairies also has fans placing them as Fairy-Type Pokémon, with a second type that matches their talent. Like Fire, Grass, Flying, Bug and Water. With Lizzy Griffiths as their trainer or as a young girl that befriends them and allows to remain as wild Pokémon.

Mavis DraculaEdit

Since Mavis is a vampire and they are considered as "Creatures of the Night", Mavis can be a trainer that specializes in Dark-Types. Her ability to transform herself into a bat and other animals (seen in Hotel Transylvania 2), can also have her owning a bat-like Pokémon - a like a Zubat - and other animal Pokémon that resemble her transformations. As well as having a team that resents her monster friends and family members.

Mavis can even be a Gym Leader of Dark, Ghost or any other king of Pokémon type that suits her best. Her father's hotel can serve as her gym, as well as a hotel that challengers can rest at on their journey, challenge other trainers and can try to beat Mavis in a Gym Battle so they could win her badge. Her gym's badge can be made to look like the logo for the hotel, a bat serving as a T on top of a H or having the H on top of the Bat T; or simply have the badge take the form of a black bat.

The Once-lerEdit

The Once-ler can a Pokémon Trainer that is partnered up or friends wild Pokémon that resemble the animals that live in the Truffula Forest. A group of Magikarp can serve as the Humming Fish (as they are both orange), Teddiursa for the Bar-ba-loots, the Swomee Swans as any of the bird-like, Flying-Type Pokémon (like a group of Swanna), the Once-ler's mule, Melvin can be a Mudbray/Mudsdale; while the Lorax being the Guardian of the Forest can portray or have him be friends with a Celebi. The Celebi can use its time traveling powers to bring Ted Wiggins to the time when the Once-ler came across the forest, so he could learn his story by taking part in it and possibly change the outcome.

The Once-ler's time as Greed-ler and destroying the Truffula Forest with his greed and the poisons seeping out of his factory, can even have him specializing in Poison-Types and possibly some Dark-Types. While old Once-ler would force on Grass-Types, and would make sure that nothing and no one would repeat his mistake and do what he can to keep his friends' home safe, standing strong and kept healthy for the wild Pokémon that live in the forest.


Since dragons are part of the Pokémon universe in the form of Dragon-type Pokémon, they can easily be placed in the AU as Pokémon of that type, along with a second type that best suits the dragon; like Fire, Water, Ground, Flying, Ice, Electric or any of the other types. They can ever be placed as known Pokémon that exist or be featured as Fakemon - fanmade Pokémon - versions of themselves. Hiccup, his friends and other Dragon Riders are seen specializing in Dragon-types when their dragons are placed as pokemon, along with other pokemon that suits them or their dragons with their elements, appearance and even their abilities.

Alpha dragons can even be placed as Dragon-Type Pokémon that are Legendary, as most Legendary Pokémon are known to be large just as most Alpha Dragons are (while Toothless remaining his size when he became an alpha). Valka's Bewilderbeast can be placed as Kyurem's White form while Drago's Bewilderbeast is the Ice-Dragon's Black form, as Bewilderbeast dragons are known as Alpha Ice Dragons and with one that is white and another one being dark were featured in How to Train Your Dragon 2. While dragons with multiple heads - like a Hideous Zippleback and Snaptrapper - can be featured as a Zweilous or its evolved form Hydreigon.

The CroodsEdit

Since the Croods - counting Guy - and the world they come from is based in the stone era, fans would most likely place Pokémon that are extinct or are simply Rock-Types in their teams. Along with Pokémon that best suits them or resemble the hybrid animals from the film.

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