Pixie Hollow Fly Up Map

Pixie Hollow

Pixie Hollow is the primary setting of the Disney Fairies franchise.


As the home of the changing of the seasons, it is located somewhere in central Neverland.


Notable PlacesEdit

The Pixie Dust TreeEdit

Pixie Tree - Tinker Bell

The Pixie Dust tree, the center of Pixie Hollow

In the center of Pixie Hollow sits the fabled Pixie Dust Tree, a magical tree located in the center of the four seasonal areas. This tree is what produces Golden Pixie Dust, pouring it like tree sap for the fairies to use. It is shown that a root from the tree breaches through the rock into the Winter Woods, providing the Ice-talent fairies with a steady supply. This could imply that the tree's roots go through the rest of Pixie Hollow, marking territory between Pixie Hollow and the rest of Neverland.

The Spring ValleyEdit

Spring Valley is the home of the station's renovation, full of color and new life and the springtime square downtown. Everywhere we find flowers that grow under the watchful eye of the Garden-talent fairies as Rosetta. In the Springtime Square, there is a white-colored flower called Evergreen. When the Evergreen opens is a sign that the fairies should take the spring to the Mainland.

The Summer Glade Edit

A clearing in the summer where the sun is shining at its maximum. It is a warm place for fairies who want to relax and enjoy themselves, whether in Golden Meadow of sunflowers, Iridessa where you live, or on the lawn of the Meadow Herbs.

The Autumn ForestEdit

The Autumn Forest glows in shades of orange, red and amber, the leaves are always changing but never die. Fairies strive to keep the shades of autumn here perfect for the trip ashore. The Autumn Revelry is performed in the forest.

The Border begins in the Autumn Forest. The forest is separated of Winter Woods by a river, the part of Winter Woods's river is frozen, and the Autumn Forest is normal. A long-wood bridge is the oficial door between Pixie Hollow and the Winter Woods.

The Winter WoodsEdit

Travel in and out of the Winter Woods was forbidden by Queen Clarion, as the wings of warm-weather fairies would freeze and break in its cold temperatures, and the wings of cold-weather fairies would melt and break in warm temperatures.

However, this ruling was rescinded when it was discovered that putting a layer of frost over a warm-weather fairy's wings would protect them from temperature change. Since that point, warm and cool fairies have been visiting each other. In Winter Woods there is an forest, called "Frost Forest". Frost-talent fairies usually train their talent here. Fairies who arrived in the Winter Woods become Winter fairies.

Pixie Dust in the Winter Woods is supplied by a root from the Pixie Dust Tree that extends all the way out to the Winter Woods and pokes out from a cliff. Pixie Dust flows from this root and falls down into a ice's basin.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

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