Vital statistics
Title Pipsqueak, Pip
Gender Male
Film The Lorax (2012)
Status Alive
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Friends The Lorax, The other bar-ba-loots, The Once-ler (formerly)
Enemies The Once-ler

Pipsqueak or Pip for short, is a small bar-ba-loot (a type of bear) with a white spot on his chest, who appears in the The Lorax.



Once the Once-ler came to the forest and fed him and the other animals with marshmallows, the young bar-ba-loot came close to him. Pip is also close to the Lorax, when the Guardian came to the forest and Pip was the first of the animals to help the Lorax place stones around the tree stump.

When the Lorax and other animals place the Once-ler bed into the river, Pipsqueak got stole away on it; when the animals tried to rescue Pipsqueak with one of the Truffula Trees, he chose the hanging fruit over the Lorax. When the Once-ler woke up and the two were about to go over the waterfall, the Once-ler grabbed and placed Pip close to him as they prepared for "the end". After the two the were saved, Pipsqueak came up to him, as to say "thank you" for looking out for him on the river and after the Once-ler pick him up and placed him back down again, he promised not to cut down anymore trees; Pip grew closer and started to hang around him. But after the Once-ler's family came to the forest and his greed got the better of him, he started to "mistreat" the small bar-ba-loot.

After the last tree was cut down, he and the other animals left their destroyed home, in hope to find another place to call home. The Once-ler had tried to get Pipsqueak to stay with a marshmallow, but he was too upset and angry for what he had done to his home and left with the others. Pip leaving also helped the Once-ler understand what his greed had to him, the forest and his small friend.

There is a bar-ba-loot resembling Pip appeared on Page 10 of the original Lorax book, marking a cameo.

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