Peter Pan AU (also known as Neverland AU) is an AU (Alternate Universe) within the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom. In the AU, HiccupMeridaJack Frost and Rapunzel are placed into the world of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan. Because it is not canon, ideas for this AU are shown through fanfiction, fanart, and other fan-made works. This AU is considered a combination of Fairy Tale AU and Pirate AU.

About the AUEdit

Spawned from fanart, this AU places the Big Four in scenarios based on the mythology and story of Peter Pan. 

Because Jack Frost holds multiple resemblances to Peter Pan himself and Tinker Bell is considered an honorary member of the Big Four, this AU could be well justified.

Featured CharactersEdit

The Big FourEdit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Hiccup is usually portrayed as John Darling in the Peter Pan AU because of his intelligence. Also, when John, Michael and the Lost Boys go hunting for the Indians, that could demonstrate Hiccup trying to somehow prove to his Dad that he can lead an army of sorts on a hunt.

Fans have also cast him as Peter from the 2015 film, Pan.

Jack FrostEdit

Jack Frost clearly shows many similarities to the titular character Peter Pan. They both are eternally young, have the power of flight, are associated with fairies, make fun and playtime their highest priority, and barefoot (Peter Pan is often depicted as barefoot in a few adaptations). According to James Barrie, the depiction of Peter Pan as "the boy who wouldn't grow up" was the result of him when he was younger hearing that his friend's older brother had drowned in a lake covered by thin ice to save him from doing the same. The exact same backstory was used to create that of Jack Frost's origins.

Because of this, the Lost Boys are usually played by Jamie and his friends because they are still children who like fun and believed in Jack, drawing comparisons between him and the kids to Peter Pan and the lost boys.

Depending on who is writing the fanfiction, Tinker Bell is often played by one of three characters. Tinker Bell because she is the actual character, Periwinkle because she is Tinker Bell's sister with some parallels to Jack Frost, or Baby Tooth because she means a lot to Jack like Tinker Bell means a lot to Peter.

Merida DunBrochEdit

Merida is the hardest member of the Big Four to be decided as a character in the Peter Pan AU because Wendy is the only main girl. Mostly she is portrayed as the female version of Peter Pan. She is also often portrayed as Wendy Darling because of Jack being usually portrayed as Peter. Merida and Jack usually have some sort of competitive streak towards each other while Wendy is supposed to look up to Peter. In other circumstances, Merida often plays a female version of John Darling.

Should this be the case, her three brothers could collectively play Michael Darling, their age and sense of wonder paralleling Michael to a tee.

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

Rapunzel is usually portrayed as Wendy Darling in the Peter Pan AU to fit in with the popular Jackunzel shipping. Wendy likes telling stories to her younger brothers which makes her creative, like Rapunzel. Also, Rapunzel is still very innocent at the start of Tangled because she has lived in a tower her entire life. Wendy doesn't want to grow up which would make her innocent as well.

Extra CharactersEdit

Pitch Black Edit

Almost always Pitch Black plays Captain Hook for the kind of threat he plays to the Big Four and his association with dream-pirates from Guardians of Childhood, with the Nightmare Galleon as his vessel.

Baby ToothEdit

When Jack is portrayed as the boy that can fly, Baby Tooth is cast as his Tinker Bell. The two hold a similar bond that Peter Pan has with his fairy; staying by his side, understanding what she is saying, looking out and meaning a lot to each other.

Tinker BellEdit

Since she is already the Neverland fairy Tinker Bell (despite only the world of Disney Fairies being used in the fandom) is usually cast as herself. Her role as the fairy friend of the boy that never grew up is sometimes given to her sister, Periwinkle when Jack is Peter Pan.


Due to Periwinkle being Tinker Bell's sister and with Jack commonly portrayed as Peter Pan in the AU - as well as both Jack and Peri being ice wielders -, she can easily be portrayed as Tinker Bell.

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Mockup ArtEdit