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Oncida (also called Meridler)  is the name given to the romantic pairing of The Once-ler from The Lorax (2012) and Merida from Brave (2012). While the pairing is not widely popular around the fandom, it still has many loyal followers.  

Relationship OverviewEdit

Once-ler and Merida have several things in common, as well as many differences. Both characters have family issues, and have a hard time getting along with their mothers in their respective movies. Each of them have two or three obnoxious brothers to add to the family as well. In addition, they are both headstrong and stubborn characters who are very determined to prove themselves, despite the fact that their hobbies do not really agree with the gender norms of their society (Once-ler likes to knit and cook, while Merida loves to practice archery).

On the other hand there are also several differences between them. The Once-ler can be quite passive and could even be called a pushover, especially when it comes to his mother, While Merida does not like to be pushed around by anyone. And while Merida is usually extremely outspoken, the Once-ler is more passive-aggressive and sarcastic. In most fanfictions the two characters do not get along at first, sometimes even outright butting heads, before they finally see each other for who they really are and start to develop a bond.

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