Omnidroid v.9
Vital statistics
Title Omnidroid, Omnidroid v.8 (the Omnidroid 8000), Omnidroid v.9 (the Omnidroid 9000), Omnidroid v.10 (the Omnidroid 10000)
Gender Genderless
Film The Incredibles (2004)
Status Deceased (Destroyed, while the 9th model might have been "unplugged")
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Red (Blue V.8)
Family Syndrome (creator)
Enemies Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet Parr, Dash Parr, Frozone
Omnidroid is a robot that was created to make Syndrome look like a hero in The Incredibles (2004). There are ten in total, but only the last three models made a appearance in the film.

Appearance Edit

The omnidroid is a large black grey ball with a red (blue for the earlier models) visor, large legs with claws at the ends and a number of the model that it is.

Personality Edit

Before Syndrome send his creation to Metroville, he tested the models on supers (superheroes) by bringing them to Nomanisan Island with the task of destroying it before the Omnidroid kills them. When a super defeats one, Syndrome rebuilds it to be bigger, stronger, better and badder than the last one, until his creation defeats Mr. Incredible with easy.

Omnidroid 8000Edit

The Omnidroid v.8 fights Mr. Incredible when he comes to Nomanisan Island, sent there under the impression that he needed to deactivate the robot now that it was rampant. When Mr. Incredible encounters large slash marks on a tree and a giant footprint on the ground, the robot suddenly appears, advancing upon him. The Omnidroid immediately slashes at Mr. Incredible with its claw, and a successful hit punches his shoulder, causing a cut in his suit. Mr. Incredible is able to fight back, throwing a punch that sends the robot flying into a tree. The Omnidroid righted itself quickly. After dodging another attack, the Omnidroid rolls into a sphere and charges toward Mr. Incredible, who ran for it with the robot hot on his trail. Both dive into an outcrop and then into a volcano, landing heavily on its pinnacle. The Omnidroid attempts to push Mr. Incredible into the lava as he tries to push back, but Mr. Incredible outmaneuveres it into the lava.

However, the Omnidroid was unscathed, and it burst out of the lava. It advances onto Mr. Incredible, who tries to escape by jumping onto a chunk of rock that had broken free. But the Omnidroid then grabs him by his feet with one of its claws and his arms with another claw. It attempts to break him in half, but then Mr. Incredible breaks free and pulls off its lower sensor, which he throws into the lava with a roar. He proceeds to climb in through the hole that once held the sensor. The Omnidroid begins to punch itself in a vain attempt to get at Mr. Incredible, causing damage to its bulk. Mr. Incredible then tosses away the upper sensor and leaps back inside the robot. It brought in another claw, but Mr. Incredible dodges and it tears out its own power core. The robot falls down, motionless. Mr. Incredible is victorious; the robot had been shut down.

Omnidroid 9000Edit

The Omnidroid v.9 only makes a minor appearance in the film. It ambushed Mr. Incredible in the conference room and easily defeated him, and would have finished him off were it not for its creator intervening to reveal himself to his former childhood hero. The robot was never defeated, but it was used as the basis for the Omnidroid v.10. It is unknown what became of it.

Omnidroid 10000Edit

The Omnidroid initially attacks and defeats Mr. Incredible after ambushing him in Syndrome's conference room. The hero only managed to escape its clutches after Syndrome falls into a monologous rant, hurling Bob away from the robot in a fevered rage. With the success of the robot in capturing Mr. Incredible, Syndrome finalizes the design and programming, and moves forward with Project Kronos. Two nights later, the robot is loaded into a rocket, which is launched with coordinates aimed at Metroville.

After Bob Parr and his family were captured by Syndrome, the villain reveals his plan: to unleash Omnidroid v.10 on Metroville and let it wreak havoc, and then appear and defeat it using his remote and his super weapons, so that he would be hailed as a hero, one giant step towards his ultimate goal of putting an end to all Supers.

The Omnidroid wreaks havoc around the city and the military fails to stop it. At Syndrome's island lair, the henchmen revel in news coverage of the rampage. The Omnidroid throws a fuel truck that nearly crushes several civilians, but Syndrome catches it. He uses the remote to cause one of the Omnidroid's legs to drop off. As he cheers for himself, pleased at what he is doing, the Omnidroid notices that the remote controls it. As per its programing, Omnidroid identifies a flaw in its tactics, IE that it can be remote controlled, and blasts the controller off of Syndrome's wrist, who then flees in terror.

The Parr family escape with help from a repentant Mirage and arrive in the city in a camp bus that crashes. The Omnidroid sees them there and attacks the costumed family, and a climactic battle between the Incredibles and the Omnidroid erupts. The Omnidroid attacks first, trying to crush Dash Parr. Violet Parr saves him by creating a force-field, but the Omnidroid destroys the field with its mass. Bob is able to lift the Omnidroid but is thrown away. He knocks the Omnidroid to the ground as Lucius Best (a.k.a. Frozone) arrives, having found his suit. He freezes the Omnidroid's joints; but it does nothing and he and Bob are thrown away. Bob lands besides the remote, and recognizes it and yells out that he has it, accidently drawing the robot's attention. Bob uses the remote to detach another of the Omnidroid's legs before throwing the remote to Dash. The Omnidroid fires at him before Elastigirl manages to destroy its gun. During the intervening battle, more of the new v.10's capabilities are revealed, including rocket-powered missile claws and a limited ability to fly on jets built into its "feet."

The Omnidroid chases after Lucius and Dash, who drop the remote. Bob tries to reach the remote but the droid fires one of its claws and it catches him. Lucius freezes the ground and the Omnidroid slips and falls from Helen tripping it. Violet grabs the remote and flees. She presses a button and the Omnidroid flies into a building. Dash presses a button and Bob, who is trapped in the Omnidroid's claw, is thrown out. He realizes that the only thing that can penetrate the Omnidroid's metal shell is its own weapons, flashing back on how he defeated v.09 previously. He grabs the claw and tells Helen to press the button. Lucius creates an ice wall, but the Omnidroid breaks through with little difficulty. When it's close enough, Helen presses the button and it causes the claw to fly out of Bob's hand and through the Omnidroid, piercing its shell and extracting its core. It stands motionless for a few seconds before tipping over and falling down, and then explodes.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Omnidroid was an extremely powerful and supremely dangerous weapon of mass destruction, and contains an incredible variety of powers due to its technological advancements:

  • Strength: The Omnidroid was incredibly strong. It could pick up and throw enormous boulders over vast distances, punch down trees, and hold it's ground against Mr. Incredible himself. Its strength allowed it to punch through concrete and thick ice, and also make craters in entire roads just by lowering its body.
  • Intelligence/Calculative Powers: the Omnidroid was also preternaturally intelligent, even for a computer. Its programmings enabled it to effortlessly, and immediately overcome any obstacle or opponent it was confronted with - as a result, it never flees an opponent and is utterly relentless in combat. The Omnidroid was so intelligent that it began to question why it had to be controlled by its creator, and quickly figured out how to overcome Syndrome's control over it.
  • Laser Cannons: The final version of the Omnidroid was equipped with a head-mounted laser cannon.
  • Flight: The Omnidroid, thanks to the rocket launchers in its claws, was able to fly clean off the ground without effort.
  • Durability: The Omnidroid was absolutely resistant to effectively any physical attack from bullets, missiles and even the incredible strength of Mr. Incredible. It could even withstand being submerged in a pool of molten lava and survived. The only material hard enough to penetrate its armor, ironically, was the Omnidroid itself

Role in the Crossover Edit

It is possible that the ninth Omnnidroid was shut-down and locked away for a raining day (which might explain the second rocket), until it was activated (by it's self after being locked away for too long or by someone) for a "suntan" task.

Relationships Edit

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