Vital statistics
Title Nightlight
Gender Male
Film Book only
Status Alive
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Family None
Friends Katherine, Kailash, North, Bunnymund, Toothiana, Sandman, Man-in-the-Moon
Enemies Pitch Black, Nightmares, The Monkey King

Nightlight was Guardian to the Man-in-the-Moon, and the one to have originally defeated Pitch Black at the end of the Golden Age.


Being a boy of pure light energy, Nightlight is very bright, easily shining through any darkness you throw at him. He is a young boy with a friendly face, white hair, and pale green eyes. His attire appears to be a type of armor that shines with moonbeams.

It can be noted that Nightlight's appearance gave the creators of Rise of the Guardians inspiration for the design of Jack Frost.


Nightlight is a little shy, but extremely friendly. He is very curious and playful, but is also very loyal to his friends. He rarely speaks, preferring to use gestures to convey his thoughts, much like Sandman and even the Man in the Moon. Whether this is a trait of their species or not is unknown.

It should be noted that he does not remember much about his time guarding over the infant Tsar Lunar XII, but he does remember in-detail the years imprisoned within Pitch.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nightlight has shown with the power of flight, and can shine with powerful moonbeams that can strike through any darkness. Whether either power comes from him naturally or is granted to him from his armor and spear is unknown.

One of Nightlight's more defining abilities is his immortality and eternal youth. When he sacrificed himself to imprison Pitch, he was able to emerge from his imprisonment without ill effects. These abilities where lost however when giving Katherine the "Kiss of Goodnight" to awaken her from her sleeping curse at the cost of his powers, making him a normal adolescent boy. This could imply that he was granted his immortality through a voluntary curse of some kind.

Whether he regained his immortality and became a spirit like the other Guardians is unknown.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Because the fandom follows the film more than it does the original novels, Nightlight's appearance in the fandom differs from story to story. Most writers portray him accompanying Katherine as her adult counterpart (Mother Goose) in minor roles.



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Pitch BlackEdit

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