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My Little Pony AU is an Alternate Universe where character from Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons are portrayed as characters based of the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

About the AUEdit

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a television show that focuses on Twilight Sparkle, unicorn protegee of the monarch of Equestria, and her five friends as they learn about the magic of friendship. The Friendship is Magic fandom is known for the "ponification" of many other franchises, from redrawing the cast of characters as ponies and placing them in Equestria, or replacing them all together with the cast of Friendship is Magic.

Because of the world and universe of Equestria Girls takes place in modern days and has human versions of the ponies, fans like to consider this AU an alternative to Modern AU.

Featured CharactersEdit

The Big FourEdit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

In this AU, Hiccup is commonly accepted to be an Earth Pony. He tends to have either a shade of beige or green as his coat color, and his mane and tail retain a very similar style to his human hair. His cutie mark is normally a Night Fury insignia, however it is also portrayed by the Berk crest, and sometimes even metal working tools. He is also usually portrayed with his prosthetic.

If being put into the storyline of the show, he tends to portray Fluttershy because of their similar love of animals, although he can also portray Twilight Sparkle, because of their dragon companions, thirst for knowledge, and lack of friends at the beginning of their journey.

Toothless is normally portrayed as a companion in a similar manner to the way Spike is to Twilight Sparkle. However, sometimes Toothless gets fused with Hiccup to become a dragon-pony hybrid similar to a Bat-pony, where he then has large, dragon-like, wings and a more dragon-styled tail.

Jack FrostEdit

Jack Frost is normally portrayed as a Pegasus, however sometimes he is shown to be a Unicorn. If he is a Pegasus, he has his flying powers and an affinity with snow related weather, while if he is a unicorn, he creates and uses snow magic through his horn. In both forms he can be shown with or without his staff, and it can be shown with or without special abilities. His coat color is usually a navy blue or an icicle blue, and his mane is its normal spiky white state. His cutie mark tends to be a snowflake or snow, and if he does not wield a staff than it is sometimes incorporated into the cutie mark as well.

If he is put into the story line of the show, he normally plays the role of either Rainbow Dash, because of their similar carefree personalities, or Pinkie Pie, because his center, fun, correlates to her element of harmony, laughter.

Merida DunBrochEdit

Merida is often shown as all three races of pony. She is shown as an Earth Pony, representing the connection she has with the land and wild life, as a Pegasus, showing her free spirit, and as a Unicorn or Alicorn, to show her side of nobility and royalty. She normally has a dark green coat, no matter the pony type, and wild curly red mane and tail. Her cutie mark tends to be a bow and arrow, and once every so often a Will -O'-the-Wisps.

When put into the storyline of the show, she is most commonly shown as Rainbow Dash or Applejack, because of their competitiveness, attitude, and dedication to something they love.

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

Rapunzel is most commonly shown as a Unicorn in this AU, as is relates to her magical hair, although sometimes she is shown as an Earth Pony or an Alicorn, because of her being a princess. Her healing power usually comes through her horn, however her mane and tail do tend to stay in their long blond state, whether magical or not. Her coat color is normally pink, and her cutie mark is almost always the Corona sun. Her Tiara can hold on of the Elements of Harmony, like Twilight's tiara with the Element of Magic.

If put into the storyline of the show, she is commonly portrayed as Fluttershy because of her innocence and naivety, as well as her love for living things, although once in a while she can be shown as Applejack, because of her honest disposition and the importance of family to her.

Extra CharactersEdit

Queen ElsaEdit

Elsa is most commonly shown as a Unicorn or a Alicorn (because of her royal status) in this AU, as is relates to her ice powers. Her icy powers usually comes through her horn than her hands/hooves, her mane and tail is styled and braded the same way as her hair. Her coat color is normally icy blue or white, and her cutie mark is almost always a snowflake. She can also be the Alicorn that brings winter to Equestria, much like how Celestia and Luna rise and set the Sun and Moon and bring day and night to Equestria.

If put into the storyline of the show, she is commonly portrayed as Luna, while Evil Elsa is Nightmare Moon; but some think that she should be Celestia, for her being an older sister and main ruler of Arendelle. She is also viewed as Twilight Sparkle with Olaf as Spike, the crown that Elsa was given at her coronation and later throw away (that was later found by Marshmallow) can hold one of the Elements of Harmony, much like Twilight's tiara with the Element of Magic.

Princess AnnaEdit

Because of her royal status, Anna is seen as a Alicorn. Her main and tail is styled and braded the same way as her hair, her coat color is between pink and cream and her cuite mark is between a flower and Arendelle's Crest. Anna is also seen a Unicorn, Earth Pony and a Pegasus.

If put into the storyline of the show, she is commonly portrayed as one of the royal Alicorn sisters, Celestia or Luna, while Elsa takes one of their roles. She can also be cast as Princess Cadence, with Kristoff as Shining Armor, as or Pinkie Pie for doing her best to keep herself entertained when her sister "shut" her out.

Kristoff BjorgmanEdit

Being a ice harvester, Kristoff is commonly seen as a strong Earth Pony (with the same, strong pony body form as Big Mac), with blocks of ice, one of his "ice harvesting" tools or both as his cutie mark. His coat is lighter or darker from his hair color or is sometimes the color gray, while his mane and tail are the same shade as his hair.

Should Sven be place in the MLP world with him, Sven would be featured as a Earth Pony or remain a reindeer. His cutie mark would mostly be the sled he pulls for Kristoff, one of the blocks of the ice they sell, one of his antlers or a carrot.


Olaf is seen as a Snow Pony , mostly as a Snow Unicorn when his carrot nose is used as his horn. He's mostly seen not having a cutie mark and has small twigs for his short mane and tail. Like Frozen, Elsa would have used her magic to give Olaf life and to prevent him from melting from the heat of summer.

If put into the storyline of the show, he would be placed as Spike the dragon, when Elsa or Anna is Twilight Sparkles.

Prince Hans of the Southern IslesEdit

Hans is commonly seen as a royal Unicorn or Pegasus. His mane and tail are the same shade as his hair and is given between a white or a light gray coat. Hans's cutie mark is mostly between a sword and a crown (or both), as well as being placed in his white, royal coat. On some rare occasions Hans is seen as an Earth Pony.

Pitch BlackEdit

Pitch is seen as a Dark, powerful Unicorn "overlord," much like King Sombra. His coat is sometimes gray, his main and tail is black and his cutie mark is sometimes one of his Nightmares or "Nightmare Sand". He is also seen have a black clock his (pony) body, and using the magic in his horn to summon and control his Nightmares.

The GuardiansEdit

The Guardians are seen as a group of ponies that bring Wonder, Hope, Memories and Dreams to Equestria. North is a strong Earth Pony with a red coat and a white mane and tail, with his swords or a candy cane as his cutie mark. Bunny as a Earth Pony or Unicorn with a gray coat and a Easter Egg as his cutie mark, he is also seen as an Pony-Rabbit hybrid with longer ears and a short, rabbit-like tail. Since Tooth is a fairy she is seen as a Pegasus with a green coat and a mane and tail that is also green and is mixed with a few other colors, while her wings are sometimes made to look like her own wings; her cutie mark is mostly a tooth. While Sandy is a short Earth Pony or Pegasus with a light yellow coat and a dark yellow main and tail, his cutie mark is sometimes a star wearing a sleeping cap or as one of the shapes and forms that his Dreamsand takes.

Vanellope von SchweetzEdit

Vanellope is most commonly shown as a small, young Earth Pony or a Pegasus in this AU, as well as being a Unicorn or an Alicorn, due to her being a princess; and the magic from her horn would allow her to use her glitching ability. Her mane is styled like her hair, black with some sweets mixed in and is mostly tied back, her tail is styled the same but without the red hair bobble. Her coat color is normally teal like her hoodie and is sometimes seen wearing it, and her cutie mark is almost always one of the sweets in her hair, her go-kart or digital numbers and squares; as if it were referencing her as a glitch. Her cutie mark would have been taken away from her when King Candy came to power, so she would have been made an outcast among the other ponies; she would have gotten it back with Ralph's help and when she became a princess again.

If put into the storyline of the show, she is commonly portrayed as Rainbow Rash because of her deep for speed, as well as personality, although once in a while she can be shown as Pinkie Pie, as she easily gets exited and jumps for joy over it.

Wreck-It RalphEdit

Ralph is most commonly seen as a strong Earth Pony, with a body form a bit like Big Mac's. His coat his mostly red and his mane and tail are brown like his hair, while his cutie mark is a brick that is damaged or is getting damaging. As if it were referencing his job role in Fix-It Felix, Jr. - wrecking the Nicelanders' home - and the pile of bricks that he slept in.


Since Maximus is already a horse he can easily be portrayed as an Earth Pony and being a guard horse can even make him a member of the royal guard in Canterlot; he would have been appointed caption when Shining Armor went to live in the Crystal Empire with his wife, Princess Cadence. Maximus's cutie mark would most likely be a Corona royal guard helmet, Corona's crest or the sword that he fought Flynn with.

Big Hero 6Edit

In the AU, the team are portrayed as multiple types of ponies, one being different from the other in type, style and design. Hiro is between an Earth Pony, a Pegasus, Unicorn and on some rare occasions an Alicorn, his coat is mostly blue like his hoodie (sometimes a lighter color when it is placed on him), and is sometimes cream, white, red or purple like his hero-armor suit. His mane and tail is black and styled like is hair and his cutie mark is mostly one of his tools, a robotic pony, one of his Microbots or Megabot. Baymax is between being himself (that was build by pony Tadashi and being placed in the MLP world) or as a white robotic Earth Pony or Unicorn; Baymax is mostly featured without having a mane, tail or a cutie mark. While Hiro's older brother and Baymax's creator, Tadashi is commonly seen as a Earth Pony with a green or teal coat and a black mane and tail. He is sometimes placed as a Alicorn on some rare occasions. Tadashi's cutie mark is between the logo that is his white (ninja) t-shirt or his cap, along with a medical cross with some of the tools that he used to build Baymax with. He is mostly featured in the AU with having his cap and the top part of his clothes on.

GoGo is commonly seen as a yellow Pegasus, along with being a Earth Pony or a Unicorn on some rare occasions. Her coat color is also featured to be cream or white, her mane and tail is always seen as black with a purple streak like her hair and her cutie mark is mostly one of her electro-magnetic wheels; that is standing still or is made to look like it is "moving" ay high speed. Honey Lemon is commonly seen as a Unicorn, as she uses her magic to move and use her chemistry tools and kit, witch is sometimes placed as her cutie mark; along with one of her chemical ball or one of their reactions. Her coat is between yellow and pink, while her mane and tail is the same shade as her hair. She is also featured as a Pegasus or a Earth Pony on some rare occasions. Wasabi is between a Unicorn - so he could use his laser induced plasma blade through his horn -, Pegasus and an Earth Pony. His coat color is between green or brown, his mane is styled like is hair, long with his tail and his cutie mark is most commonly his laser induced plasma project, sometimes in the shape of the plasma blade on his hero-armor suit. Fred is most commonly seen as a Earth Pony, along with a Pegasus on some rare occasions, his SFIT mascot or Fredzila suite - or anything that references it - is placed as his cutie mark. Fred's coat color is sometimes blue like his hero suit, along with the colors of orange or red, while his mane and tail is styled and is the same shade as his hair.

Tinker BellEdit

Tinker Bell being a fairy she is seen as a Breezie. It is the same with her friends and the rest of the fairies of Pixie Hollow (which could serve as the Breezie Village). Where using their talents to change the seasons in the Mainland, they are seen as the Ponies (mainly as Pegasi for their wings) that "cleared" away winter and got ready for spring in the song Winter Wrap-Up.

Should she be put into the storyline of the show, Tink would most likely be Twilight Sparkle. As Tink is still learning about her world, cares about her friends and is on good terms with Queen Clarion. While the Tinker-Talent fairy is Twilight, her friends can serve as the other holders of the Elements of Harmony, as they are both a group of fives friends that stick together and help each other out. Rosetta can be Generosity - Rarity -, Iridessa would hold Honesty - Applejack -, Fawn being Laughter - Pinkie Pie -, Silvermist will be Kindness - Fluttershy - and Vidia can be Loyalty - Rainbow Dash. While Blaze is Spike and Zarina can serve as Sunset Shimmer.

Sugar Rush RacersEdit

The young racers are commonly seen as a group of young Earth Ponies, Unicorns and even as Pegasi; as each one of them are a different kind of pony from each other. The mane and tails are mostly the color of their hair, while their coats match with the color of their jackets and their cutie marks are the sweets of their sugary themes. Should the all be featured as one type of pony, it would mostly be Earth Pony or Pegasus due to them being racers. Some of the fanart and videos of the racers in this AU are of them having their themes switched with each others, due to the song What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me.

Taffyta Muttonfudge, Candlehead and Rancis Fluggerbutter are mostly seen as all three types of ponies, as some fans sometimes see them as kinder versions of the Cutie Mark Crusaders; along with fans having many different thoughts and ideas with what their pony roles should be. While Jubileena Bing-Bing and possibly Citrusella Flugpucker are Earth Ponies or Pegasi. Snowanna Rainbeau is commonly a purple Earth Pony. Crumbelina DiCaramello is a Earth Pony or a Unicorn. Gloyd Orangeboar is mostly a Earth Pony. Swizzle Malarkey is between a blue Unicorn and Pegasus. Minty Zaki and possibly Torvald Batterbutter, Sticky Wipplesnit and her Japan self, Minty Sakura are Earth Ponies. Finally Adorabeezle Winterpop and possibly Nougetsia Brumblestain are Earth Ponies or Pegasi.

Known ExamplesEdit


Mockup ArtEdit



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