Mother Nature
MotherNature CloseUp
Vital statistics
Title Mother Nature, Emily Jane Pitchiner, Seraphina Pitchiner (fan-theorized name)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Family Pitch Black (Father), Lady Pitchiner (Mother), Typhan (Foster Father/Mentor)
Friends Sanderson Mansnoozie
Enemies Emily Jane is a neutral and doesn't have enemies
"She's not always a benevolent soul, and she is very unpredictable."
—- Bunnymund about Mother Nature

Emily Jane, also known as Mother Nature, is a powerful, but mysterious, being, as well the daughter of the Nightmare King, Pitch. She is described as being "a force nearly as ancient as Pitch". She does not appear in Rise of the Guardians, but rather in one of the original novels The Sandman and the War of Dreams.


Mother Nature was known once as Emily Jane, who lived with Lady Pitcher and Kozmotis Pitcher, nicknamed Lord Pitch by his servants. He was a fair and compassionate man who traveled the constellations of the Golden Age and captured Dream Pirates, stunted creatures who lived by stealing dreams, and fed them humanely. The Dream Pirates, after failing to assassinate him many times by using his weakness of compassion, learned that if he could be destroyed in the body or mind they could destroy his spirit, so the Dream Pirates hunted down what mattered to the valiant hero: his family.

One day, the Dream Pirates staged a fake attack on the Constellation Zeus and Lord Pitch went to capture the thieving criminals. Lord Pitch promised his daughter he would return by saying, "on my soul." But the Dream Pirates had something more wicked in mind. The most shadowy, swift, and twisted pirates infiltrated the Pitcher mansion and slept past the guards. Lady Pitcher could hear the pirates coming closer to her and checked if her daughter was sleeping, but she had gotten out and was playing with her favorite creatures, the Star Fish. The pirates didn't known she was there and didn't care because they could feel the dreams of the household. To Dream Pirates, dreams are like blood to a vampire; it made them hungry and stupid. Lady Pitcher locked the door to keep them out, but the pirates poured in. Lady Pitcher knew the awful fate of those taken by Dream Pirates: their souls sucked of dreams leaving them to become mindless slaves or worse. Lady Pitcher jumped out the window and died with a doll because if Emily Jane was alive, the Dream Pirates would try again.

When Lord Pitch heard that his house was attacked, he realized he'd been duped and quickly returned home and had all the pirates captured and questioned. When Lord Pitch asked about his daughter and wife, the Dream Pirate Captain sneeringly told him they had died and Lord Pitch decapitated every one of them, to his soldiers horror. Pitch then made it his mission to hunt down all the Dream Pirates and Nightmare Men and Fearlings and stick them in their prison planet. Believing he had nothing to live for, he volunteering to be their single jailer.

Meanwhile Emily Jane was found by Typhan, a god who had been ravished by the Dream Pirates when they had extinguished his eyes, and the constellation god helped her become Mother Nature and banished her when she broke her vow.

Later on, Sanderson Mansnoozie, also known as Sandy, the Sandman discovered her on a cursed wishing star and help overcome her anger. Together they defeated Dream Pirates until they heard all the Dream Pirates, Nightmare Men, and Fearlings had been captured and imprisoned; then she lost her temper until Sandy calmed her by saying she could still find her father.

Unknown to them, Lord Pitch was possessed by the thousands of Fearlings, Nightmare Men, and Dream Pirates when the dark creatures used his wish to see his daughter against him. Pitch built his Nightmare Galleon and sailed with his millions of Dream Pirate/Nightmare Men/Fearling minions. He soon tracked down Sandy and Mother Nature and nearly harpooned their stars; had it not been for their immense strength. They fell to a planet called Earth and were saved by a pleasant wish that said: "I wish you well." 

When the star finally crashed into the sea, Mother Nature made her escape and ever since, the weather patterns have never been quite the same ever after.

Many years ago, Mother Nature saved her father and remained neutral as long as he promised he would not harm her friends.


Mother Nature is "a tall, cloaked woman" who "holds herself with a regal air", with a "long, yet lovely" face. Her black hair is very long, and both her hair and clothing appear to be one with the clouds that surround her form.


Despite Mother Nature's apparent neutrality, Bunnymund remarked that she is quite unpredictable and not always kind. She has her own agenda, being neither good nor evil, as indicated by the way her winds thwarted both Pitch's forces and saved North from a mortal wound prior to abducting Pitch and Katherine for her own purposes.

When Mother Nature was child, she frequently disobeys her mother, who wanted her to stay at home, her father, on the other hand, loved his daughter's wild heart and turned a blind eye to her sailing around her home.

These days, Mother Nature is a neutral. She cares neither for the good or the bad. She even has come to loath her own father for what he has become. There is only one person that Mother Nature cares for and will help: Sanderson Mansnoozie, her only friend for the many years she was trapped inside a shooting star. She herself said to Sandy "I can stand anyone's tears, but yours."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As her name suggests, Mother Nature has control over the elements of nature. She can manipulate natural phenomena such as the winds and clouds, and cause hail and lightning. Her presence also imbues leaves, clouds, winds, rain, snow, thunder and lightning.

She is also able to keep herself hidden while she watches people, but some, such as Toothiana and Nightlight, can feel her presence.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Tumblr mnroabDi3u1s9nolro1 1370178228 cover

Mother nature in "FOUR: the audio drama"

Much like her role in the books, Mother Nature is relegated to the side as a secondary character. Unlike other characters in the fandom, Emily Jane is normally omitted from the continuity unless the story itself calls for it (i.e. Seasons Guardians). Much like in the books, she maintains a neutral position.

Despite her canon name "Emily Jane" which is revealed in the 4th book, she is still called Seraphina by some fans.

Mother Nature can be considered an official character in the fandom from her role in FOUR: the audio drama.


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

It is likely that Hiccup has heard of Mother Nature as Jörð of Norse mythology (The Mother of Thor and personification of the Earth).

Jack FrostEdit

Though she is a neutral, Emily Jane does hold a minor grudge against Jack, as his powers of ice and snow and relationship with the wind directly conflict with her own agenda and she refuses to interact with him unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

Merida DunBrochEdit

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

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