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This focuses on the relationships with the character Gothel.

Big FourEdit


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Pitch BlackEdit

With Pitch being the only other 'human' in the group. Gothel has more conversations and plans with him. They like to think of ways to destroy the Big Four- Jack , HiccupRapunzelMerida. However, with ambition comes doubt, as both Pitch and Gothel's scheming personalities may lead to absence in trust in each other which would lead to their downfall.


Gothel doesn't meet Mor'du much except during battles. She does call him names and he doesn't like it. He sometimes attacks Gothel but Pitch stops him because he needs all the help he can find to kill the Big Four.

Red DeathEdit

Just like Mor'du, she doesn't meet much with Red Death but she is happy that he is on her team because of his immense strength, fire power, size, aggressiveness, and destructive power.

Drago BludvistEdit


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Gothel does not see Hiccup by himself as any real threat due to his weak stature, although she does appreciate the power that intellect holds and Hiccup's vast supplies of it. She also recognises the true danger of Toothless as a creature of power and knows to be wary when dragon and rider are both together. Gothel does however see Hiccup's emotional self-doubts as a weak link in the group and uses her power with words to break his resolve (usually by threatening his friends like Pitch does).

Jack FrostEdit

Despite the fact she is an adult, Gothel can still see Jack because of her experiences with magic. She is jealous of Jack as he has the one thing she has always wanted: eternal youth without effort. She is also angry with Jack as she believes that Jack does not appreciate his immortality while Jack himself believes that Gothel does not appreciate her mortality.

Merida DunBrochEdit

Merida is a person who adores an active life and seizes every opportunity to the full. She is also a rough-and-ready girl with a rebellious and fiery personality, rebellious being a quality that Gothel despises. Headstrong and free-spirited are also qualities that Mother Gothel cannot abide by. This all explains why Gothel loathes Merida and vice-versa.

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

Mother Gothel has the closest relationship with Rapunzel as they have known each other all their lives. Gothel was usually an overprotective mother, but also looked down on Rapunzel, saying everytime she was naive and stupid because she wanted to go to see the world. Her love for Rapunzel is debatable though. She may have once cared enough for Rapunzel enough to go out of her way to keep Rapunzel happy (such as making her favourite dinner and collecting rare paint colours), though this might just have been to keep on being able to use Rapunzel's healing hair. However, in the movie, it was clear that Rapunzel felt some love for Gothel, as she had been the only maternal figure she had during the last 18 years of her life. Even at the end, when Gothel fell out of the tower, Rapunzel reaches out for her, which shows she still cared for her a bit, even after having learned the truth about her. Following the events of Tangled, the two have been arch-enemies.


Expanded UniversesEdit

Friends and AlliesEdit

Prince Hans of the Southern IslesEdit


Because of Gothel's affairs in the magic of nature, the likelihood of Gothel knowing about the affairs of the Leafmen may be possible.

King CandyEdit



Queen Elsa of ArendelleEdit

Though she does not have any powers that would properly suit Gothel's interests, Elsa would still be a subject that would register on Gothel's radar. In Frozen Tangled Guardians, Gothel would pose some interest in the woman she would virtually call her "granddaughter", using this position as a means to gaining the lonely girl's trust. Despite this, Gothel would otherwise hold little honest attachments towards her, much like she did with Rapunzel.

Princess Anna of ArendelleEdit

It would be difficult to describe what their relationship would be. From a regular crossover standpoint, her naiveté could be an easy tool for Gothel, since Rapunzel's more naive traits can be found in Anna. Despite that, Anna's lack of any sort of magic would disinterest her. In Frozen Tangled Guardians, Gothel would use her stance as Elsa and Anna's "grandmother" in hopes of weeding her way into the family and getting to Rapunzel, either for her hair or for revenge.

Mavis DraculaEdit

The Once-lerEdit

Mary KatherineEdit


Wreck-It RalphEdit

Vanellope von SchweetzEdit

Hiro HamadaEdit



The Stabbington BrothersEdit

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