Vital Information
Title Moonstone
Film Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009)
Status Available (in pieces)
Current Location N/A
Current Owners Neverland Fairies
Previous Owners
"This is the Moonstone. It is passed from generation to generation."
—- Fairy Mary showing the Moonstone to Tinker Bell

The Moonstone is a magical blue sphere that replenishes the supply of Blue Pixie Dust for all of Pixie Hollow.


The Moonstone is a spherical fluorescent-blue gem that bears a resemblance to the moon. It is described as being "ridiculously fragile", confirmed when Tinker Bell accidentally broke it into pieces, though the shard still held the same power like it did before.  


The Moonstone was always placed in the Scepter, for each eight years on full blue moon so Pixie Hollow would receive Blue Pixie Dust, that was used to help the Pixie Hollow Tree. Tinker Bell was chosen to make that year's scepter, and took the Moonstone home with her. As she was working on the scepter, she accidentally broke the Moonstone. In despair Tinker Bell went to an island due north of Neverland, to search for the Mirror of Incanta, which granted three wishes, but two were spent, as then only one wish was left.

Tinker Bell wanted to restore the gem to its spherical form, but accidentally wished for Blaze to be quiet. After no luck, her only hope was to make its shape different, and so, with Terence's help, they made a new shape.

Tink's scepter - top

Tinker Bell's Scepter

By using all the pieces, along with a diamond Tinker Bell had found, they designed the scepter so that when the blue moon shined through the diamond, it refracted the light into the moonstone pieces, maximizing the effect, and creating more blue pixie dust than ever had been seen at any prior Autumn Revelries.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Because the Moonstone gains its power from the light of the moon, much like Queen Tara's Pod and the Guardian Stone, it is possible that the Moonstone, and by extension the Blue Pixie Dust and Pixie Hollow as a whole, is given its power and support by the Man in the Moon. This is debatable however, as Neverland is technically not a part of Earth, so the moon that orbits Neverland may not be the same as the Man in the Moon and therefor his power is not involved.


  • Legend
  • Past Scepters
  • Case (Closed)
  • Case (Opened)
  • On it's new Scepter (Before it broke)
  • Broken Shards
  • Trying to Fix it
  • Smallest Shards (Left Behind)
  • Hope
  • Full Shard/Mirror Scepter
  • Concept Art

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