Kingdom of Moonhaven

Moonhaven is the name of the Kingdom in Epic where the Leafmen, the Jinn and Queen Tara preside. 


It is described as an Eden out in the woods. A rarefied hidden spring that emanates perfection and harmony. It lies at the head of a waterfall that feeds the entire forest. It is hidden by trees that grow on the tops of rock pinnacles that are arranged like protective sentinels. Moonhaven is the source of life and where Queen Tara dwells.


Notable LocationsEdit

Pod PatchEdit

The pod patch is a lily pad path where the care takers, Mub and Grub take care of the lily flower pods until it is time for the Queen of the Forest to chose a pod that will pass her powers over to the next queen.

Rings of KnowledgeEdit

A tree that records the forest's history in small scrolls and is home of Nim Galuu. The glowworm Jinn also uses the tree to house his parties.

Race Bird TrackEdit

Role in the CrossoverEdit


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