Modern AU is an alternate universe in which the Big Four are living in the 21st century era. It is one of the most popular AU's in the fandom.

About the AU

Many Modern AU fanart indicate of the Big Four going to a high school or college-like universe. In this AU, many works show them wearing modern clothes, and particpating in activites we do today. They are often seen in schools hanging out together. Due to the LGBTQ+ community's standing in modern times, the Modern AU is where Hijack is most commonly found, though it isn't always the case.

Popular Spinoff AUs

Featured Characters

The Big Four

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

The sarcastic and smartest one of the group. As the nerd, Hiccup Haddock has been picked on top to bottom in school all his life. However, he is able to find the strength to overcome it. Usually Hiccup is a nickname given to him in his early years, with his real name being either Henry, Harry, Harold, Hamish, Haven or something similar. He spends time doodling, applying his skills at Gobber's Auto-shop and trying to keep up with the standards of his father. Sometimes Toothless accompanies him, either as a dragon, a black cat, a black dog, a vehicle or even as a human. Hiccup almost always has a prosthetic leg like in the film, but it is usually from an everyday accident and not from the Red Death

Jack Frost

The rebellious bad boy of the group. At first glance, Jackson Overland (also going as Jack Frost) is a prank or problem waiting to happen, gaining the admiration of many girls in his surroundings. Despite this, Jack has the heart and sense to help those in need at the expense of his own safety. His devil-may-care attitude may serve as a defense mechanism for a deeper trauma, either involving his little sister or a near death experience. Since Rise of the Guardians already takes place in modern times, some stories have Jack stay as a winter spirit and a Guardian, while the other three are left as his believers. The other guardians are also nearly always in the story, sometimes depicted as family members, close friends or teachers of Jack.

Merida DunBroch

The hotheaded jock of the group. With many talents in sports and archery, Merida DunBroch is often portrayed as the ill-tempered, tomboyish one who speaks before she thinks and is the first to fight when a friend's in trouble. Heckled by her mother to be more "lady-like", Merida is consistently at odds with her family and often looks to her friends for support (usually Hiccup). 

Rapunzel Corona

The sweet, popular one of the group. Rapunzel Corona (also going by Rapunzel Gothel) is the type who could make friends easily, being able to look past superficial ideals that her peers would see and find the good qualities in someone. Her time in the tower is usually paralled by being homeschooled by Gothel. Despite her abusive, overbearing mother, Rapunzel can always make time for her friends when they need her, just as they would make time for her. She is serves as the adhesive of the group, balancing out the more negative personalities of the other three. 

Extra Characters

Guardians of Childhood

The Guardians (sometimes as humans) are seen as Jack's legal guardians, friends or as the teachers at the school he attends. Their job and roles of keeping children safe can even have them work for companies that keep children safe, healthy and making sure that there being looked after by their parents and guardians. Since Rise of the Guardians already takes place in modern times, some stories have them stay as their Guardian selves, while the other characters in the fandom are believers.

Queen Elsa of Arendelle

Elsa Arendelle is seen as a straight A student that does her best to keep her grades up, spends time in the shadows when she wants to be alone and tries to live to her family's exportations for her.

Princess Anna of Arendelle

Anna Arendelle is a girl that enjoys making friends at school, due to the isolation that she feels at her house and get from her sister when she is focusing on her studies.

Kristoff Bjorgman

Mavis Dracula



Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Rider

Astrid Hofferson

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