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Vital statistics
Title Mochi, Hairy Baby (by Baymax)
Gender Male
Film Big Hero 6 (2014)
Status Alive
Hair Color Black, White and Sienna
Eye Color Green
Family Cass Hamada (Owner), Hiro Hamada (Owner), Tadashi Hamada (Owner; deceased)
Friends Baymax
Mochi is the pet Japanese bobtail of the Hamada household.

Appearance Edit

Mochi is a full-grown Japanese Bobtail, his fur a mix of white, black and sienna, his fur thick enough to make Mochi seem pudgy. He also has large, soulful green eyes.

Personality Edit

As the Hamada house-cat, Mochi is shown to be incredibly affectionate to his owners. Unlike most cats, Mochi seems to be okay with strangers, as he allows Baymax, drunk off of a lack of power, to cuddle him.

Powers and Abilities Edit

While possessing all of the abilities one can find in a common housecoat, Mochi possesses no powers.

Role in the Crossover Edit


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Rapunzel CoronaEdit

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