Vital statistics
Title Prisoner, Cat (Rhino), Cat (Bolt)
Gender Female
Film Bolt (2008)
Status Alive
Hair Color Black and White
Eye Color Green
Friends Bolt, Rhino, Penny Forrester
""All I'm asking you to do is just tilt your head a little, you can do that can't you? Come on.""

Mittens is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2008 animated film Bolt.

Appearance Edit

Slender black cat, beautiful, white paws, whiskers, eyebrows, muzzle, tail tip, and underbelly fur that continues through the leg, pigment green eyes, both pink nose and ear innards, eyelashes (if seen closely)

Personality Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

She is an ordinary cat so you have no special skill, but is very intelligent and witty.

Role in the Crossover Edit

Relationships Edit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III Edit

Jack Frost Edit

Merida DunBroch Edit

Rapunzel Corona Edit

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