Mind Workers
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Vital statistics
Title Mind Workers
Gender Male and Female
Film Inside Out (2015)
Status Alive
Hair Color Very
Eye Color Very
Family each other
Enemies Those who try to stop them from doing their job

Mind Workers are brain sell like "people" that take care and "update" Riley's mind in Pixar's Inside Out (2015).



While Joy and the other emotions take care of Riley Andersen in Headquarters, the Mind Workers take care of the other sections in Riley's Mind, they even upgrade and throw away things that Riley is too old for. They hate it when people try to stop them from doing their job.

The marks on their hardhat signify the sector that they work in.

  • The Forgetters: Forgetters work in Lon Term Memory as they remove faded and, as they see it, unimportant memories. They do this by using a vacuum tube that shoots sends them into the Memory Dump. Two of the Forgetters, Bobby and Paula love sending up the TripleDent Gum jingle to annoy the emotions, for fun.
  • Security: Blue Mind Workers are the police and security guards that make sure that the other workers are doing their job, take care of the people in Imagination Land and locking up trouble makers in Subconscious.
  • Dream Productions staff: The Mind Workers that work in Dream Productions help to make Riley's dreams when she is asleep, while the Emotion on "Dream Duty" is watching it Headquarters. The people in the dreams are "Mind Actors" that play the roles and the camera is sometimes used to play "Riley".
  • Train of Thought conductors: The workers that conduct the Train of Thought use it to deliver supplies like daydreams, facts and opinions, as well as memories. When Riley sleeps the night away, the workers go on their break until Riley wakes up the next day.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

For some reason they know what Riley is feeling and up to without hearing about it from Headquarters. They even know when it is time for Riley's mind to match her age.

They are shown to be good with mechanics and equipment used in dig or "demolishing" sights.

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